Monday Monday

Samantha said...

This off topic, well not really, just off topic from what everyone else is saying: Why do we all have the propensity to stare at plumbers?

10:47 AM

That is truly an odd question that deserves a truly odd answer. I am glad that you asked it.

Firstly, Plumbers tend to place themselves in odd positions. They crawl around, climb into stuff, lay down on floors, etc… They typically wear tool belts and with all the bending over and leaning into cabinetry there is a propensity to see the beginnings of the plumbers’ nether regions.

Secondly, very rarely do we ask for plumbers to come out and visit the house for visiting sake. Usually, they come out to fix things. Only at the time of building anew house or an addition do plumbers come over to add something new. Typically when we see plumbers, there is something not working. We want the toilet to flush, but alas and alack, it is not… better call a plumber. Our sink is stopped up… better call a plumber. Plumbers make our waste and waste water go away. Plumber’s deal with gunky crap and pipes, and I think we as a culture are fascinated by people who are willing to deal with the putrid gunk of clogged up pipes. I know I am.

Those are usually the reason one is fascinated with the plumbing profession, in my opinion.

On to today’s topics.

Number 1: Why does the hair that is turning gray and/or white have to have such a different texture and just plain odd characteristics than the rest of the hair my body? Example1: The white hairs in my goatee like to stick straight out so everyone can see them. It is only due to careful grooming habits that no one really notices them pointing at them… mocking them… Example 2: The gray hair on my head is much thinner and wiry-er than the rest of the hair on my head. I have no problem getting older. Turning gray is not that big of a deal, as long as the gray hair doesn’t keep screaming, “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!!!”

Number 2: The little one turned a corner this weekend. On Saturday he decided that he no longer wanted to be picked up out of the tub… he wanted to get out of it on his own like a big boy. Wifey and I were not ready for the bath-time tradition to be over with. He is growing up so fast, and it only seems to be picking up speed. I cannot believe he is almost 2.

Number 3: The weather that we are experiencing here is bad for asthmatics. Little man was down for 3.5 hours yesterday during his nap, and Wifey was out 2.5 hours as well. Thick hot wet air sucks…

To recap:

Plumbers are fascinating creatures that make a living off of our clogged up filth
I could not make a living off of our clogged up filth.
Yes, my hair sits in judgment of everyone I see.
“LOOK AT ME!” the hair said, and then I snipped it
Okay, even though the little one broke our hearts climbing out of the bath-tub, it was still darn cute. He had to lift his leg over his waist to get it over the side of the tub
I almost wrote “He had to lift his leg over his waste to get it over the side of the tub” Changes the meaning just a bit, don’t you think?
Well, doesn’t it?
Why won’t you respond to my questions?
I don’t even know why I am talking to you anymore.
Wait, I am not “talking” I am “typing”… silly me…
Is it still considered “voices in your head” if they are constantly snoring?
Outside activities are being curtailed for Wifey and kid even as we speak.