So, nothing blogworthy has really happened to me today. I will try and get something going for today’s post, but, it isn’t like I have a dying plumber sent to me by the blogging muse everyday. Did I mention the plumber’s tattoo? It was a ‘warrior’ of some sort wearing red pants and donning a green helmet, his skin was yellow, and he had a battle axe. This barbarian Christmas elf was clearly drawn by a 12 yr old. The face was all in shadows, probably due to lack of eye drawing ability. Might I suggest, if one was to get a tattoo of Rathgar the Mighty Yuletide Elf on their calf, like it was 1993, one should make sure that the tattoo is done by an actual tattoo artist, not Timmy the 7th grader. All that plumber needed was a mullet, and then I would continuously blog about him. That would be a good life… Contemplate this on the Tree of Woe.

10 points to whomever gets that movie reference… Wifey, you cannot play.

That is all I have. Sorry. More to come next week... I promise

To recap:
I lead a rather boring life
Dying plumbers are good material
Old movie references are great things
That’s it