Well, it turns out that Wifey and I were incorrect about the little man’s speech. Turns out he is speaking full and cogent sentences. He is waxing eloquent about philosophy and physics. He is able to prove axiomatic tautologies using a reducio ad absurdum method of argument very well. His vocabulary rivals that of a doctoral candidate in molecular biology and an art professor combined. He truly is amazing. The only issue with his speech patterning at the moment is that it happens to be in Welsh.

For those of you who do not know, Welsh is a un-intelligible Anglo-Saxon (probably a Celtic language more that A_S, but whatever…) language. This language is renowned for it over use of consonants and abundance of silent letters. All this time we have been trying to get him to use English and he has been attempting to teach his parents an older more grammatically difficult language. Silly us. Now all we have to do is 4 semesters worth of Welsh and then we will be communicating effectively in the household.

Here this whole time we were thinking that he was just being obstinate and not talking. When, in truth, he was getting exasperated at our lack of bilingual capabilities. He gets exasperated at our shortcomings very often. It is a hobby of his. We can’t help but fall short of his expectations. He is quite the taskmaster in that regard.

Just thought you would want that particular FYI, especially since I have whined about his communication ability so much.

Anyway… I am currently girding myself for a nasty battle that will occur when the parents get into town within the hour. Non one is looking forward to this, not even the parents, but, oh well.

So to recap

Yep, Welsh
prynhawn da (good afternoon)
Rydw i allan o'm dyfnder yn fy ngwaith (I am out of my depth in my work.)
No one is having fun this weekend