3 - 2 - 1- Contract! Contract is the reason....

We are now officially in contract. The buyer accepted our counter-offer. I have to say that I am not really sure how I feel about this. It is good because it means that we will be able to purchase the house we have bid on, but part of me is wondering if we are truly “done” with our current residence. In many ways I do not feel finished at the Casa del SRH. I just have this nagging feeling that we were meant to be in that house a bit longer.

We have done a whole hell of a lot to this house since we purchased it 4 years ago. We tiled the kitchen. We made the attic into a walk up closet/office. We put in new hardwood floors in the downstairs. We got the place a new hot-tub. We really made this place our home. I guess in general I am feeling some loss about the old house. It has been a great house for us.

I know that Wifey is more trepidatious about purchasing the other property (Maison d’SRH) because it is more of a fixer-upper. The fixer-upperness of that property is not so disconcerting to me, but Wifey is absolutely correct that Maison d’SRH will indeed need some updating.

Firstly the kitchen needs top be remodeled. At the moment the kitchen cabinets (if one can call them that) need to be replaced. These wooden objects are not deep enough to stack dinner plates in them. That will be an issue to say the least. Luckily the space that the kitchen will occupy is a good space, and there is a great deal that can be worked with in that area, but a kitchen remodel is going to cost a good bit, even if we do the work ourselves. We plan on remodeling this place on our own. The only thing that we are worried about is moving electrical crap around.

Currently the floor in the kitchen is a light wood looking Pergo laminate. It is nice enough material, but I think we are going to go with the Daltile French Quarter Oleans Moss tile, like we currently have in our kitchen. It will be something to tie the 2 residences together: continuity between houses. Plus we love how it looks and it is fairly easy to install. All we need to do in the kitchen is flooring, appliances, and cabinetry/countertops. That’s not so bad…

Secondly, the downstairs hardwood flooring needs to be replaced. It is not thick enough to refinish, and it definitely needs something. Luckily we are acutely knowledgeable about hardwood flooring now.

Thirdly, there are portions of the upstairs that need to be cosmetically updated. The ceilings of the upstairs rooms have a glued on acoustic tile. There will need to be some kind of cosmetic changes to that. The master bed room needs to have the horrid wall-paper taken down. Roses everywhere I look.

Fourthly, the finished portions of the basement need to be carefully looked at and re-planned. It is an odd set of spaces to say the least. That and the electrical down there needs to be re-wired as well. There are just plain odd places for light switches and outlets. It is all grounded, and it all works perfectly, but it is just in weird places.

Fifthly, the garage is looking a bit bad. It looks like previous owners did not have the best depth perception. The rear wall of the place is off the footer in the center of that wall. It is a nice and even arc though.

I am looking forward to making the new place my home, but I am also a bit sad that this place that we have made into our nest will no longer be home.

To recap:
The counter offer was accepted
I will greatly miss our current house
The possibilities for the new place are really endless
Sorry for the “lack of funny”