I Love You Too, Demon House

Okay, so here is the situation. Wifey went to bed before me. She went upstairs and doing her evening rituals decided to express her love to me through little man’s baby monitor. So, she said in a sweet loving whisper, “I love you.” I was not paying attention to the monitor, so I did not see the lights on the monitor light up when the cracky demonic low breathy voice from no where said menacingly, “I love you.” I almost crapped my pants. I have always had an unmitigated fear of abode possession ever since I should not have caught Amityville Horror as a young impressionable kid when it was on TV in probably 1980. It actually took me a minute to notice movement sounds coming from the monitor. I finally realized that it was not demons from the ninth plane of Hell cooing at me their infernal sweet nothings, but instead my wife’s loving voice being distorted through the evil devil monitor. Just for the record, had she said, “Get out, for God’s Sake Get Out.” We would be living in a motel prior to the closing.

Anyway… Not much else going on other than the potential demonic possession of my current domicile.

To recap:
“I love you,” is a sweet sentiment when being administered by a loving and caring significant other
“I love you,” will scare the sweet ba-jeezus out of you when delivered by demons, and yet, it is oddly flattering and exciting to think that Asmodeus might actually be sweet on me