Allergies suck.

This time I am not blogging about the little one’s vast and disturbing allergies. This time I am talking about my own craptastic allergies. For some reason the hot humid weather coupled with the cooler dryer air of indoor air conditioning causes my sinuses great calamity. This is the absolute worst time of the year for me. Late summer has always caused me great heart ache and pain, not to mention the vast amounts of lost hemoglobin.

Case in point: I have just spent waaaay too much time today trying to get my stupid nose to stop bleeding whilst in the very bathroom I was lamenting about in yesterday’s post. Did I mention that sometimes that bathroom smells like ass? So there I was in the bathroom. I was washing my hands because I am a sanitary fellow. Not the “just put your hands in the water so you look sanitary” washing that most guys do, but does absolutely nothing except get germs wet, but the full on “30 seconds of intense scrubbing with soap” washing that actually does some cleaning. All of the sudden the water had a red drop in it as well as the soapy bubbles. Oh, crapo! So after 5 minutes of having a paper towel crammed up my nose my boss walks in. He mentions how bad his day is going prior to noticing the paper towel gracefully hanging out of my nose. He notices the towel and says, “Well, my day could be worse.”

Thanks bossman, you da best. Sometimes I think he keeps me around for the comic relief aspect and not just for my mad cartographic skilz. Oh yeah, I gots the skilz!

Stupid allergies

To recap:
Allergies + Me = bad
Little man does not like to eat at the table… that’s just way too mainstream for him
Why is “phonics” spelled so non-phonetically?
I have work to do that I am ignoring
Stupid work
Stupid Allergies
Stupid work and stupid allergies