3rd time is a charm

Time got away from me today. There I was minding my own business, trying to ignore the work that I was supposed to do when I turned around and it was almost 4 o’clock. Well, poop! I am supposed to get a blog done prior to getting out of the building, and I have not started anything yet. My blogging public expects… nay, demands that I update every day that I am at work So here it goes, my pathetic attempt at blogging for the day. I apologize for the tardiness and lack of quality prose provided to you today for free.

Wifey and I have found that repeating someone’s name 3 times with growing volume and urgency does not get that person to do our bidding. Oh that it would, I would try and employ this tactic at work.

“Hey, Bossman, I need a raise. Bossman. Bossman! BOSSMAN!!!”

But really we want to be able to curb the little one’s behavior, and if that tactic will not work for a bald 50-something man, it sure as Hell is not going to work on a 2 year old. Little man has been testing boundaries recently, and one of those boundaries is his ability to ignore us. He needs some boundaries and some rules, and he is not really excited about the prospect of us setting those things up. So far we need to really figure out what it is that we find acceptable and unacceptable as well as what the consequences of unacceptable behavior. Nothing major... No big deal. We just need to establish a system of morays and values for him to adhere to for the rest of his life. You know, a code of ethics and behavior. Nothing major. Good God! This parenting thing is daunting.

Anyway… aside from the future of our child as we know him, not much going on.

To recap:
Time seems to move in a forward direction, except if you are a 4th dimensional being or greater
Repeating a name 3 times with greater volume and urgency does not cause someone to do what we want
My bossman has very little hair, but has a beard… discuss
Blogging takes time, and I ain’t got no more
I need to pick up little man
See you suckas later