Okay so the “birdy” finger on my right hand has a hangnail issue. About 7 years ago something happened to that fingernail that caused it to do some odd splitting thing just on the outside of the nail. Ever since then, a thin sliver of finger nail grows underneath the left edge of the main finger nail area. About once every 2 months I have to dig out the sliver piece and yank it out of the nail bed. This process hurts like holy hell. I am not saying the yanking of said hang nail is the most painful thing I have ever done, but I think it qualifies as the most painful thing I have to do on a regular basis. My finger will smart for the rest of the day, but the mild smarting I feel at the moment is better than the dull aches that preceded the yanking. Anyway… as I type, I my finger is bleeding a bit, and is frankly annoying as all get out.

The buyer for our house did turn in their request for remedy, and they did request a bunch. There were 9 points that they wanted us to pay attention to, and some of the points were multi-part “issues.” There list though is somewhat suspect. Number 8 of the 9 was to weed one particular area. Ummm…. When it is your house, weed it all you want… ditto for a couple of other things. I would not be averse to weeding the area myself, but their Request for Remedy contract stipulated that all work be done by licensed professionals such that all receipts could be shown on the day of the final walk through. I am simply not willing to have a licensed contractor come in and do weeding for me. There were some other poorly worded requests as well as some things that were just not true. It has made the entire process absolutely un-palatable. It is good, therefore that we have a very level headed realtor who has very kindly talked us down from hunting down the buyer and whacking her real good in the knee with a lead pipe, Tanya Harding style. We are going to entertain some of their concerns, but the other stuff they can do if they want to. So the next phase of negotiations is in process. Stay tuned.

Anyway… not much else is going right now for the good ole SRH household.

To Recap:
Sucks to be on the Gulf Coast right now
I work with a bunch of 12 to 14 year olds
She said, “Coxswain”
My finger has gone from dull ache to tingly pain
I have typed soooo much on this blog that my finger is bleeding…
No, it had nothing to do with pliers
Fix the doorbell your damn self!