Little Man knows why Mr Ed was famous

Turns out that Little Man is actually speaking foreign languages. Over the weekend, we had dinner at Little Man’s caretakers, and they put in Baby Einstein’s Language Nursery. Lo and behold, my little boy was speaking German, French, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, and a couple other languages as well. Sure, there is a very good chance that he did not know what the heck he was saying, but he was definitely mimicking the DVD. I do not think that one of the languages on the DVD was Welsh, but I could be mistaken.

Also, it seems that he refers to horses as “whores.” I guess he feels that any animal that just lets multiple people “mount and ride” is of loose moral and ethical virtue. I try and correct him, and let him know that for one to truly be a whore, one must be monetarily compensated for the mounting and riding actions, but he insists that they are whores, nonetheless. I have tried to teach him the more appropriate terms of “slut” and “easy,” but he is determined that they are 4 hoofed “whores.” He thinks all kinds of horses are truly denizens of the red light districts… draft whores, wild whores, police whores, Clydesdale whores, Arabian whores, Abyssininan whores, Appaloosa whores, Andalusian whores, Quarter whores, all of them whores! And when he sees a horse he will let that horse know what he thinks about it. He will point at the animal with steely eyes and shout at the top of his little lungs, “WHORE!!!!”

To recap:
It may not be Welsh, but it is foreign
A whore is a whore
Of course, of course