In Contract

So our offer for the “new” house was accepted as is. Well, to tell the truth, I hate it when that happens. When this happens it means that we offered too much. The offer was 9k less than the asking price, and it was accepted as is?!!? I really hate it when that happens. We could have offered 12k less and then haggled. Oh well. This happened to me once when I went to buy a car. I made what I thought was a low offer and the seller looked at me and said, “Sure!” That car turned out to be a great car, so maybe the streak will continue. Now we need to find some sucker to buy our property.

Now we have to make sure that the house gets inspected and checks out structurally. As long as the only things wrong with the place are its gawd awful purple walls in the dining and living rooms. No really, it is a brighter plum color in those rooms. We like to think of it as accent color walls that have been repeated so that when you look anywhere in the room you see the accent color. You know, to create drama. The arches and high ceilings didn’t have enough drama to them, ergo purple everywhere.

Oh well, that is how the cookie crumbles. Luckily we do not have an open house until next Sunday. We will have some showings before then, but not an actual open house until then. Now all those little-tiny-take-up-time-and-energy projects that do not actually do anything significant beyond making things look better have to be finished. The task at hand is to replace some screens in some windows that raccoons felt were impeding their process to the cat food three years ago. Yes, I have had to replace some screens for 3 years. Bite me. My issue with the screen doors is not the replacing of the screen, but the removal of the old screen. There has to be some trick to it that I just do not know. I have put in new screens before. That is not a difficult task, but how in the Hell does one get the old out without damaging the window frame? I only have to change 2 of the damned things (the raccoon “In” and “out” doors), but I cannot get the old ones out to save my life. Damn you raccoons!!!

We have all sorts of crap that has to be done like that. Light bulbs here, odd light switches there, spackle, spackle, and spackle some more. One would think we figured out some way of using a pogo stick on the walls in some areas. Luckily the painting is almost done; all we have to do there is one more coat on the attic stairs. If there is one thing I hate doing more than mowing the lawn, it is painting.

As an aside: For all of you who do not know… putting a bid on a house, getting a house ready to sell, and seeing one’s dysfunctional family in less than 5 days, does not a good week make. Did I mention that one of Wifey’s friends had a baby on Sunday evening that was 3 weeks early? There was bit of worry added in there as well. Sleep has been elusive as of late. When I am stressed, sleep is one of the first things to go, and I am stressed. And I am tired.

To recap:
9 k under and accepted. It could have been worse…
Anyone wanna buy our house, we’re selling at what the market can realistically bear err… I mean it is cheap, really cheap at this price, buy! buy! buy!
Raccoons really like Frisky’s Dental Diet
Spackle is not vanilla flavored… don’t ask
Shout out to Baby S. Hit that boob baby, you need to grow