Questions, Questions, Questions

I am having a difficult day coming up with blogable crap, so I have enlisted the help of Wifey to help with the filler…

So without further ado, questionnaire from Wifey:

Here are questions that I’ve always wanted to know about you, but I’ve been too lazy in the ten years we’ve been together to ask:

1. Did you like your first French kiss? (I didn’t by the way. The guy had just drunk a Pepsi. It was quite disgusting.)

My first French kiss occurred when I was in 8th grade. It was fine, but as far as liking or dis-liking, that is difficult to say. I have continued kissing so I guess it was not a complete turn off

2. Is your love of the color green tied to a love of nature and its verdant abundance or something else?

I have pretty much always been driven towards the color green. I think it has to do with my coloring and how most shades and hues of green clothing seem to work for me. All in all most greens make me look good.

3. What is the genesis of your “economy of motion” life credo?

“Economy of motion” is a concept that I came up with in College. It boils down to getting the desired outcome of an event with as little output as possible. I would have to say that the genesis of this life credo has to do with justifying my laziness in comparison to my parent’s inherent laziness. I try not to have my laziness interfere with my abilities to accomplish tasks. But, let’s be clear, if it takes too much effort to do that, it would not truly be an “Economy of Motion.”

4. Why do you prefer tall women? Follow up question: Why did you marry a short one?

Well, here is the “economy of motion” principle in action. I do not have to bend over to kiss a taller woman, yet to kiss a shorter woman I do. Same action, more energy expended. For the follow up, and it is a sappy, sappy answer, there is no one better than Wifey.

5. Why aren’t you nicer to people at church?

I find most of them to be tiresome. It is difficult for me to find a commonality with them, and, frankly, to me most of them are boring. It is difficult to talk about how difficult it is managing 2 people to someone that works part time at a Starbucks.

More likely though is that I also have a difficult time opening up to people at church due to the fact that I got burned so bad by my last church. It is easier for me to be aloof and un-engageable.

6. What do you think is the nerdiest thing about yourself? The coolest? (who am I kidding, just answer the first question)

Hmmmm…. Nerdiest. But there is so much to choose from. I would ave to say at the moment, that the nerdiest thing I have going on right now is my collection of Wizkids Pirates game pieces on my cubical shelves at the moment. Some friends here at work get together and play the pirates game over lunch during the week. Yep, that is pretty nerdy.

As for the coolest thing, honestly, I think it has to do with having wholeheartedly embraced my nerdom. That and lets be clear, Wifey is clearly the coolest thing about me.

7. What’s your favorite memory with your brother?

We were out gallivanting in the woods behind our house one time. I think we were trying to see where an owl flew off to when my cat Boots (hey, stop laughing, I named him when I was probably 8 and we had a similar cat at the time with the same markings named Sox) decided that he was going to mark my brother. The dialog went something like this.

“Hey, brother.”
“SHHHH, be quiet we don’t want the owl to fly away again”
“Be quiet.”
“But, Boots is…”
“Will you be quiet?”
“But Boots is going to”
“Nevermind, he’s done marking you.”
“Yup, the cat just peed on your leg”

I laugh to this day thinking about this memory.

8. Will being late to an event actually kill you or do you just act like it?

I have been late to many events, and have not died as of yet.

9. Do you consider yourself “handy”?

As opposed to “Footy?” Yes. I am not terribly handy, but I am handy enough around the house to survive. I can do some maintenancy things in the house, and I know who to take my car to for repairs, but that is about as “handy” as I get.

10. How can we make it so that we are independently wealthy and can ditch our jobs? (don’t mention anything illegal here – we can talk about that later)

I keep waiting for you to write that best-selling novel, so I no longer have to work. I am banking on you, Babe.

To recap:
I could not come up with a topic and Wifey had to save me.
Economy of Motion is a good credo. Well, at least, there are worse credos out there
Okay, Okay, I am lazy
Organized religion tends to suck, due to the lax requirements of belonging to a religion
Shiver me timbers!!!! Avast ye scallywags! Arrr!!!
Boots technically owned my brother from that point on
So, I don’t like being late, what of it?
So, I am not the handiest person to have around, what of it?
Get writing woman!