8 Years

Okay, I have much to chat about today, so I would like it if you guys kept quiet and listened throughout the entirety of my post. Save your comments for the end of the post and if there are any, I would be more than happy to answer them in the order in which they were received.

Firstly… happy 8th anniversary to Wifey and myself. We have been married for a whopping 8 years now. In some ways it seems like we just got together yesterday, but in others it seems like there has never been life without each other. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Year 7 has flown by, and I am sure it mainly has to do with Little Man.

These last 2 years have definitely been the most stressful, so let that be a lesson to you kids out there. If you are going to have a kid to save your marriage, you are a stupid stupid person. It will not work, it will only, at best, postpone the difficulties you marriage is experiencing. Wifey and I were fortunate enough that we had good communications skills prior to the arrival of Little Man. I say “fortunate enough” but we worked damn hard to get those skills. Otherwise, the relationship would be in much worse shape than it is right now.

So, in general, huzzah and kudos to us for beating the odds. I am sure some people have lost money on us. There are definitely some folks who did not think we would make it this far. Sadly, those people didn’t let us know what the wager was, or offer us a cut; we could have worked something out.

… The house deal has fallen through. In many ways it is good, in some ways it is bad. The stars did not line up correctly for us to move at the moment. I feel relieved that the process is over and the outcome has been determined. It would have been nice to move, but it seems like it is just not in the cards this time. It is a good house and we can definitely make the best of it for a couple more years.

Thirdly… Little Man was sick this weekend. He was sick enough that we had to get him on the Orapred again. This medicine makes Little Man into more like Fucking Insane Little Man. Last night at 7:30 pm EST he stripped down to his blue and green socks and decided it was time to eat some more Wendy’s chili. So he was standing on a chair drinking chili out of a plastic toy pitcher that came with his kitchen play set, naked as a jaybird except for his green and blue striped socks. He would drink some chili eat a tomato out of some salsa we made and grin at us all the while chattering at us about monkeys and ducks. Looney, I tell you… Looney. He walked in a circle for 5 minutes in the living room trying to figure out what he wanted to do. Turns out he wanted to jump on Papa (me) and climb over my back to get to the back of the sofa, so he could slide down Papa and get to his train that he was circling beforehand. Since day 2 of the 3 day Orapred cycle, he has constantly been jabbering half intelligible ramblings about cows and tractors. Almost mumbling to him self while twitchily walking in a circle. If you saw a grown up doing this in the park, you would give him a wide berth and wonder where the boot fell off of his head. Luckily, this morning was the last dose of the Orapred.

To Recap:
The US Men’s National Team basically just spanked Mexico 2 – 0 in Columbus on Saturday night
8 years is a surprisingly substantial amount of time
The anniversary did kind of sneak up on us with all the house crap and sick boy and stuff
No house deal is not really so bad, at least it is not up in the air anymore
When one eats a substantial amount of Wendy’s Chili over a short period of time, one’s solid waste looks surprisingly like “unprocessed” Wendy’s chili
Little Man is an insane ball of motion and energy right now
Sweet Mother of God, Little Man is an insane ball of motion and energy right now
Sweet Mother of God and all that is Holy, Little Man is an insane ball of motion and energy right now
Sweet Mother of God and all that is Holy, Lord help us, save us please, Little Man is an insane ball of motion and energy right now