No TV and no power makes Little Man angry

Firstly, does anyone know how to yank out a .gif image that has been embedded in an e-mail message? If so, could you let me know how by leaving a comment. I have tried most of the mundane things, and they have not worked too well.

On to the meat of the matter.

Okay, I went to sleep last night around 9:45 PM and did not get up until around 7:15 AM this morning. That is a goodly 9 and a half hours of slumbertude, why, in God’s name, am I still tired?!? I am flipping exhausted. I am having a difficult time just keeping my eyes open. Are the allergens in the air that bad right now? Why can’t I just feel relaxed and refreshed? Is that too much to ask? I guess it is cause I am just dragging today.

To top it all off, the power went out this morning in the middle of Little Man’s breakfast DVD’s. That did not go over well. That did not go over well at all. He was trying everything he could to get us to make the Teletubbies come back on. It is a bit disturbing at just how amusing Little Man finds the Teletubbies. I honestly do not quite understand the post apocalyptic world those four freaks live in. There are rabbits and flowers everywhere, but those 4 weirdo’s seem to live in a manmade subterranean domicile with a robot vacuum cleaner eating toast and “tubby custard.” I do not even want to think about where “tubby custard” comes from. "Soylent Green" anyone?

Back to the story at hand…Alas and alack, we could not get them back on the TV with no power. I guess it is time to get the battery pack on the portable DVD all charged up and ready for the next power outage. Little Man was devastated. He was a weeping mess. He was really really unhappy. So we packed up some DVD’s and sent him to Grandma Donna’s and Grandpa Ron’s. They can deal with the unhappy Little Man, after all they have power.

To Recap:
Please, someone help with my .gif problem
I am tired, and I shouldn’t be
Teletubbies eat people…. PEOPLE!!!!
I hope we have power when we get home