Corrections, retractions, and explanations

There has been some confusion about some of my latest remarks about Who is the Coolest of All my Friends.

So today’s blog will be in response to Wifey’s comments and well as some corrections and retractions from previous posts.

In regards to Wifey’s comments:

To quote Wifey:

I take offense to your promoting g-money to the coolest of the friends if he goes on a date. If I am not mistaken, you have repeatedly stated that YOU are the coolest of your friends because of your marriage to me. If g-money can overtake you with only one date, then I musn't make you all that cool. You'd better do some quick back-pedaling here chief.

Okay, you have a very valid point here and some clarification on my part is necessary. At the moment I am still the “Coolest of all my Friends,” but as I stated previously the margin of my victory is minor. The real issue here is not how cool you are, my dear and lovely wife, but how irredeemably uncool I am. The only reason that I am the CoAmF is due to you and you alone. You redeem the irredeemable, Baby! Also, you are correct, I should have spelled it “Gerkins” and not “Jerkins.”

So, in truth, you do not make me all that cool, you can’t. No one can. Sorry, but it is true.

Also, I believe that G-money does not have a problem going on dates. It's those second dates that get him!

Sorry Babe, sadly this statement is just plain incorrect. G-money is afraid of the women folk and all their feelings, ergo he does not go on dates, much less second dates. Prove me wrong G!

Onto corrections, retractions, and responses from yesterday’s post.

14: Which of your friends has the most miserable life right now? Did they bring it upon themselves?

Right now? I would have to go with B-Dawg. He just went on a Sceince Field trip at the age of 31. In general, I would go with G-Money. He don’t cotton well to takin’ orders, and he is in the US Army.

I must retract the answer that I gave. Neither G-Money nor B-Dawg are the most miserable right now, the most miserable of my friends happens to be a friend from the college days, JoAA. I will not use his name in case he ever finds out about this here bloggarooney. To answer the second part of the question, “Yes, he did bring it upon himself.”

To the comment from yesterday from anonymous:

bahahahaha, he called what we have in the United States culture. Lack of culture maybe...

Even yogurt has culture. The US may not have good culture, but it has culture nonetheless, plus commenting anonymously is weak, get a name for yourself.

To recap:
I am the coolness anchor that drags my family down
G-Money is afraid of feelings except, oddly enough, for fear
Really, even if he went on a date, until he is either going on tons of first dates like he is wadin through the women folk, or until he gets into a relationship, I am still CoAmF due to the coolness associated with Wifey!
As for B-Dawg, he still has the pit of Physics PhD to climb out of before he is cool
JoAA is a sad sad story
Shout out to L-Sig for pointing out the “miserable” mistake I made
I like custard style yogurt, it is very cultured