Progress Bars

So Little Man is coming down from the Orapred now. He will most likely crash all day tomorrow. That seems to be how this medicine works. We are hoping for a normal night of sleep for Little Man as well as ourselves.

On another completely unrelated subject to my child’s health and well-being, I absolutely abhor waiting on progress bars and print queus (the thought that just went through my head was “How the Hell do you spell ‘queues?’” Glad that exists.). I honestly do not know how much of my life I have spent watching a blue bar in the center of my computer screen slowly creep across the screen. I imagine that by now it has been at least a year of my life that I will never ever get back.

Oh well, I am late posting today, so I have to get everything together so that I can pick Little Man up and get home. Cheers everyone, we are having shrimp fettuccini tonight.

To Recap:
To sleep, perchance to dream
I am so incredibly tired
We would truly all be depressed if progress in social reform were displayed as a progress bar… this thing seems to be stuck at 14%... better re-boot
It is near time to go home…. yeah
mmmm.... shrimp