Wow, I am that boring

So I gots the hairs cut today. It was necessary. My hair prior to the sheering experience was not super long, but it was long enough to seem unkempt very easily. That and it was long enough that it would knot up too much if I drove with the windows down. Now I am all clean cut and professional looking. Look out transportation planning world, I am now über professional with my smart tight hair cut. I am a scary scary professional now, and I fit in better with the workplace now.

Little Man must be going through a growth spurt again. He is eating us out of house and home as well as sleeping rather poorly. He did not fall asleep until 11:30 last night. That is past my bedtime. Needless to say I am rather tired as well. Dragging ass is a better description of it. This seems to be a pretty common thing for Little Man when he is going through a growth spurt. I remember many many times when he just could not get to sleep, and when he was asleep he it was rather light. By “rather light” I mean, the fall of a feather would wake him up. Actually last night he was asleep at 10:00 but when I laid him down in bed, his eyes popped open and he asked for a drink of water. That was not a good sign. So it was not until an hour later that we finally got the little one to slumber along through the night.

So in all my fogginess when we were getting the little guy ready today, I forgot to pack my lunch. Pay day is tomorrow, so it is a snack machine repast for me today. Chips and a Mt Dew, the lunch of champions. That and I have no idea what in the heck Little Man and I will be eating for dinner tonight. Edit that: I just got a phone call from our realty agency, and it looks like we will be eating out tonight. We now have a house showing from 5:30 to 6:30 this evening… only 7 more days till we can officially come off the market. Looks like it will be another Burger King day for the Little Man.

I am tired of this whole real estate game thing. I just want to live a little bit more slovenly again. This immaculate stuff is getting tiresome. We also have an open house this up coming Sunday afternoon, right in the middle of Little Man’s nap time. Once we found out that the first person who went into contract on our house was pulling away, both Wifey and I were pretty much divested of the idea that the other house was going to be ours. We just want this to be over, and in 7 days we can yank the sign and not have to pack away Little Man’s toys every morning before we leave for work.

Well, hasn’t this just become the boring daily update blog. I might as well post a picture of a kitten and mention something political. Like every freakin other blogger out there. What can I do to spice this damn thing up?

To Recap
Clean haircut hopefully will mean big bucks
Little Man is getting much much larger
I am tired
Burger King again tonight
Tired of the old house sale thing
I need some new material
I am not blogging again until Monday