Dreaming Red

2 parts to today’s blog.

Part 1:

Okay, we are a co-sleeping family (family bed). We did not intend to be a co-sleeping family, we did not want to be a co-sleeping family, but, alas and alack, we are, indeed, a co-sleeping family. There are a few reasons as to why our family shares a family bed, but most revolve around Little Man’s food allergies. For a while there he was itching so much that we had to sleep on either side of him and hold his hands down so he would not scratch himself or wake himself while scratching. The led to us having the little guy in our bad. He got used to it… we got used to it. We are certain it will not last forever, or really not much longer. While it is happening, though, we have determined that we will enjoy it. He is a wonderful little bundle of love that snores right next to us. He sleeps in between Wifey and I and it really is a comfort to wake up next to my 2 favorite people in the world. For those of you out there worried that we are going to emotionally scar our Little Man by sharing our bed with him until he is in high school, don’t worry. The Little Man will be getting the boot soon enough. He is just getting too big (and he likes to sleep sideways), but we are intending to emotionally scar him in more traditional ways. He needs a “big kid bed” and we intend to get him sleeping in one in the near future.

Anyway… to the story part of Part 1. So the other morning on a day that I get to watch him all day long, I, amazingly, woke up before Little Man. I was lazily not getting out of bed. I was just lying there next to my kid, watching him sleep peacefully. He started squirming a bit, and made an unhappy little grimace. His eyes were still shut tight when he said, in an unhappy slightly frustrated voice, “Elmo.”

That’s right my kid was frustrated with Elmo in his dreams. That is the kid I live with. He not only dreams about Elmo, he gets frustrated by Elmo’s antics in the dreamtime. This has to be one of the oddest, cutes, funniest moments of being a Papa.

Part 2:

So we had a great weekend these past few days until about 8:45 last night. Little Man was playing and having fun, and, since his nap was a late one, we were postponing starting his bed-time ritual by about an hour. We were just about to just get him in the bath when he just rolled over and put his head on Wifey’s shoulder. He was blazing hot, and his hands felt as if they were white hot coals. We decided “No bath tonight,” Little Man was going straight to bed. His temp was 104° F (or 14° C for you metric people out there, 287.15 K for the physicists). He had a pretty good night, and his temp seems to be down somewhat. Basically we have a sick little boy on our hands.

Well those are the 2 parts

To recap
We love our family bed, but we are ready to de-familized it
Elmo pissed Little Man off in his sleep
Probably from all of Elmo’s constant referrals to himself in the third person
SRH doesn’t like it when Elmo refers to himself in the 3rd person
Little Man is sick
We are hoping that this does not progress into another hospital stay
Not sure what my schedule will be this week, so don't expect the regular updates
It is Orapred time again