Ah, the blogaversary. Excuse me, the first annual blogaversary. What to do? What to do?

There have been a few ideas running through my head about the blogaversary, and how I should compose said blog for the day. I have a shit ton of posts, most of which are completely forgetful. There are some that I still enjoy going back and reading. I pride myself at being able to occasionally be able to correctly “turn a phrase,” if you will. So the ideas that I was mulling about whilst in the ER for Little Man’s Asthma this weekend centered on some kind of retrospective. I have been dissuaded from that idea, not only by some of my loyal readership, but also from my own misgivings about the process of a retrospective blog, especially one where the archives are laid bare for all to see anyway (I trust that if someone stumbled upon these disjointed missives and thought them enjoyable, they would reach back into the archives for the few little nuggets of mirth).

On the whole, I dislike the retrospective format. In sitcoms, one of the main characters would be in the hospital for some accident of something, and all the rest of the wacky ensemble cast would be gathered around a table in the waiting room reminiscing about past events. There would be multiple fade ins and fade outs, a few quotes like “Remember that time Cast-member-not-at-table killed that bear and we ate deer on a spit at a campfire?” The screen would fade out and into that scene from an episode 3 years ago. Then it would fade back into the current retrospective show. All those around that person would nod and say “Yeah, now that was fun.” Eventually there would be a scene that would flash back to a Family Ties episode where Tina Yothers was in the Keatons’ kitchen watching the crazy antics of Alex and Mallory. She would nod and say, “Yeah.” All of it is basically writers phoning it in for a week.

In truth though, there is not really all that much to retrospect about. So I have decided to go with the Year-at-a-Glance method. While giving Little Man one of his many breathing treatments, I realized that really it has only been a year, and that is not really that long a time frame.

So, without further ado... since I started I have modified my formula of writing. At first it was any day that I came into the office. You guys would get the odd angry Sunday posting then, but now I have modified this to be just the Monday through Thursdays that I am in the office. Much less demanding a schedule, but I figure that if the crack comedy team on The Daily Show can get away with it, then so can I.

Site Meter says that I get about 20 individual hits a day. Of those 20, I would say there are about 10 to 15 people that actually come here often. My readership has almost tripled since June though. There are 2 people that I have to email the posts to because they are behind some tightened Internet browsing. My media empire is growing slowly, but surely. Most of the people coming here are from the US, with Canada coming second and England third. I have had some visits from other UK countries as well as Australia, but nothing sustained. Have I mentioned that we need more “Meat and Potatoes Blogging?” Singapore tends to bring me some visits, but again, nothing sustained. I have only had one comment so far from someone not of North America.

I hope everyone who has been to this here blog, has enjoyed it. I know many of you have not, seeing as how most of the searches that I have gotten revolve around the phrase “Turtle Porn.” Actually, the key word searches that Site Meter says lead to this blog happen to be (I am linking the offending posts as well) Turtle Porn, Most Livable City, Candice Olsen Designer, Orapred, and Grape Soda. I am sure most people who were searching for those items, were woefully disappointed.

Well, on to today’s topics

1. Little Man had another ER visit this weekend. It was Saturday afternoon, and all in all, it was pretty non-eventful. We are pack on Orapred, so Insane Little Man will show up this afternoon and be staying until probably Thursday evening. Yippee. Wednesday Evening should be enjoyable. I foresee more naked chili drinking in Little Man’s future.

His ear infection from Wednesday of last week has definitely been taken care of, but almost at the same moment we gave him anti-biotics his cold got worse. Saturday morning he had 3 rescue breathing treatments in 6 hours and was still retracting, so we got our crap together and went to the ER. The ER is a much more enjoyable place when you have a portable DVD player. All this ER fun has culminated in the use of Orapred again.

Wifey and I are both pretty defeated about this. A 2 year-old should not be on Orapred more than 2 times a year, and Little Man has been on it 3 times in the past 6 weeks. Goody for us.

2. I did not mean for this to be such a downer post today, but honestly the visit to the ER while we are on an insanely aggressive anti-asthma routine really has taken the wind out of my sails.

3. Where exactly are my Damn presents! I mean, WTH? So far, all I have gotten is a necklace and bracelet that do not fit, some bubbles, a magnetic continent puzzle, and some Play-Doh! All of that was from the same person. It is not like you people did not get some notice about this. I have been letting you know that the blogaversary was coming up for weeks now.

EDIT: Via email I have gotten this Haiku as a blogaversay present

wild red curly hair
daily blog makes people laugh
mmm arbys milk shake

The author of that haiku is now the Under Construction Poet Laureate

To Recap:
Happy blogaversary to me
We are doing the “Dance of the Orapred Fairies” right now
It is by Mozart
It is in the post-postlude of The Nutcracker Suite
Wifey and I are really tired
If you stop by, leave a comment today
Consider it a Blogaversary present from you to me