Only for the Hardcore, Strictly for the headstrong...

Okay, there is a ton of work to do at work today, so this will be shorter than yesterday, I promise. I do not promise, however, not jump from topic to topic in a stream of consciousness sort of way.

So, now I am an inter-continental blogger. I would say I can die happy, but Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and potentially Antarctica are out there just waiting to comment on my blog. Peefer took me to international status, but now I am Inter-Continental baby!

Anyway… As I mentioned in the recap yesterday Little Man has an ear infection. That is the way of kids. He seems to be doing much better, but Wifey had a difficult night last night with him sleeping all over her last night. He was not so onto me last night, so at least I got that going for me.

Today the roof of our building is getting some repairs done to it. Repairs in the style of vibrating the roof and making a shit ton of noise. It makes the concentration on doing work difficult at the moment, but, hey, mere respiration makes that difficult. Work makes the day drag by. Thanks a bunch work, you suck.

Topic number 4: The Theme song by Isaac Hayes from the original movie Shaft, should be remade by someone with a Scottish brogue.
“They say that this cat, Shaft, is a bad mootha…”
“Shut yer mooth!”
“Ah’m just talking aboot Shaft.”
“Aye, we can dig it.”

Just so everyone in the blogosphere knows, I am going back and forth from work tasks to blogging, ergo the odd pacing and lack of lack of continuity. I have the priveledge, nay, the honor to work with a suite of programs that require massive amounts of downtime to watch a blue bar creep across my screen indicating my lack of progress. During, these “progress bar moments I tend to wax eloquent about whatever subject I am blogging about. This is my modus operandi when there is a significant amount of work that needs done. When I am not pressed fror time, I try to make more of a concerted effort to keep things flowing. Today you get none of that.

To recap:
This is the last post until the blogaversary (observed) Monday October 31, 2005
So… 3 days till the blogavesary, 4 till the blogavesary observed
I expect presents
Little Man is doing better, but he is starting to have more cold like symptoms now
We all know, more coldlike symptoms mean potential trip to the ER
I have tons of crap to do before 5
I am inter-continental baby
Like an ICBM without the BM
Tee-Hee, I said BM
Be glad I do not have a podcast, or you would be watching me dance to Jump Motherfucker by The Movement
That is not pretty
Yall some jumpin' motherfuckers