Just one of those days...

The problem with a mostly daily blog when you have no exciting life to speak of is that you run out of material very quickly that anyone will find amusing. Occasionally amusement will hit you upside the head like a 2 x 4, and by “2 x 4” I mean a “front wheel drive SUV purchased in Florida.” You know those days. The days where a co-worker will try to remove a paper jam from a printer and end up getting toner on their nice clean white shirt. The days someone repeatedly and un-intentionally makes the absolute best double entendres. The kind of day where you can get the 3-level pun working for you without effort (for example “hot” used as a “relative temperature,” a “cosmetic degree of attractiveness,” and “stolen” all being used in only 3 sentences referring to the same thing, rare and truly genius). Those magical humor days that make you feel omnijocular (all funny). Those days where everything you touch is comedic gold. Those days where your boss doesn’t mind you cursing at a client, and the client doesn’t mind you cursing at them either because it is that funny. So funny, in fact, it actually lands you a job. Today is not one of those days. Today is boring as watching paint dry. Today is dull like ball peen hammers Grass growing beats out today’s excitement. It is the claw your eyes out due to lack of activity kind of day. Well, that is not completely true, because, well, I still have my eyes, and if I truly were to claw them out, I wouldn’t have them, now would I?

In truth one of my intrepid cartographers and I, we are waiting on some data to get going on a rather tight deadline. By “rather tight” I mean “impossible,” especially if we are still waiting on the data. And, as stated before, we are still waiting on the data. Story of my professional life… wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, okay go! We need this done 2 days ago. Oh well, that is how it goes.

Little Man seems to be past the illness of last week, so at least we have that going for us. He is now making the “Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo” noises while playing with his trains.

To recap:
Anoushka Shankar’s newest CD, Rise, kicks much ass
Looks like Little Man will be Elmo for All Hallow’s Eve this year
We are borrowing the costume
I am sure it will have Wendy’s chili on it before the holiday is over
I would love to dress him up like Yoda, since he would be the correct size
I will eventually Photoshop up a Yoda version of Little Man
I just used Photoshop as a verb
Little Man needs a haircut
My Alliance rogue on Darkspear is level 27
My Horde warrior on Shadow Council is level 31
We are 25 days out from my 1st blogaversary
There will be cake, at least for me