Son of Jor-El

I usually stray away from mainstream pop culture and entertainment news, but I feel I must weigh in on this particular subject.

One should not name their child Kal-El if their name is neither Jor-El nor Lara. There are some immutable truths in the world, and Kryptonian naming conventions are some of the un-breakiest of them all. What on earth (or not of this earth, as it may be) were the Cages thinking? Kal-El Coppola Cage just rolls off your tongue like bricks roll down stairs.

I understand why someone would want to name their child after Superman, but he went by other names. Clark Coppola Cage works better than the Kal-El version, as does Kent Coppola Cage. The other main issue, the first being the hyphenated first name derived from a ficticious alien super hero, is that all three names in the full name have the “Hard C” or “K” sound. Now, I am all about alliteration as a poetic device, but in names, it is usually a bad idea.

We all knew Nic Cage was weird when he was with little miss Presley, but come on! This absolutely takes the cake. Nic you are insane.

Anyway… Not much else to comment upon. Little Man seems to be better, but Wifey seems to be coming down with something. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where she picked up some sort of bug. I absolutely could not bee from my darling little angel boy who happens to also be a Petri dish of germ warfare. I have seen my future, and it is a snotty one.

To Recap:
Kal-El is the son of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van from the planet Krypton
Kal-El should not be the name of the son of Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim Cage
This is an irrefutable fact
Few things are sacred to me
Few things are irrefutable facts to me
Nicolas Cage is not a “quirky method actor with an odd sense of humor”
Nicolas Cage is, what one calls, “bat-shit insane”
So is Lisa Marie Presley
My favorite color is green
My little boy is a biological WMD
Wifey is the first in a long line of people to be affected by his ability to mutate viruses
Hey, Wifey, the pumkin bars are great
I need to sleep more