2 Dimensional

The only 2 dimensional natural phenomenon known to man is the rainbow. We just got our parking lot soaked by a torrential downpour that lasted all of 15 minutes only to witness a complete rainbow to the north of our fine building. Rainbows really are interesting things. They truly are completely one sided affairs. Anyone to the north of us, looking south would not have seen the rainbow. Truly a wonder.

No leprechauns to be found though. Even though I work near Dublin, Ohio, the wee folk do not seem to tread here... and everyone knows I have been looking. A pot of gold would be the perfect way for me to unshackle myself from the oppression of being employed. Don’t get me wrong, without the means to provide for the fam, I would rather have a job than not have one, and this job, as far as jobs go, is a good one. Employed and comfortable is much better than un-employed and destitute. The issue is that this is still a job, and, if I had my druthers, I would much rather not work due to the whole, it being more fun to play aspect of life. But alas and alack pushing a mouse around on a table all day clicking here and there and watching blue progress bars slowly crawl across my screen, those tasks are my yoke of oppression.

Yes, woe unto me.

As a follow up to yesterday, may parents in their infinite wisdom have figured out a way to piss off both their kids in one fell swoop. They have decided to stay in Cincinnati instead of Columbus for the Fowl Holiday ’05 (as it shall be known from now on…). Let me remind you, kind reader, that this is the same brother and sister-in-law that will be moving about 1 week after Fowl Holiday ’05. So during the holidays, when they would most likely be packing up their crap, getting ready for a move, my parent’s have decided to impose themselves as guests. Well, if one kid can’t be happy, then they both can’t, dammit! If we ever have 2 little buggers, this is definitely a philosophy I will try to live by. I know that growing up it was a practice of my parents, so it does not really surprise me now.

So, now it looks like Chez SRH will be an insane madhouse for about 7 hours on Fowl Holiday ’05, but then calm down considerably. So that is good. While my parents have interposed themselves on us for a meal, they have tied up my brother’s family for a holiday weekend. I have to keep in mind that it could always be worse. I could be in my brother’s shoes at the moment. I thank the powers that be, once again that I am not he.

Sorry about the rhyme. Now that i look back on it, it was definitely a literary mistake. Heroic couplets at the end of blogs don't work like they did for Big Willy (no the other Big Willy) at the end of an act.

To Recap:
Rainbows have height and width, but no depth
Pirates in Somalia?!?
Are they just doping their part to impede global warming?
I just think it is neat that they used sound as a deterrent
A bird in the hand is worth a bird in the hand, and that is about it
Why do you have a bird in your hand?