Mus musculus

Okay, so I was not hallucinating when I was peeing Friday afternoon. I did see a mouse run across the floor. I prudently mentioned my sighting of the rodent to Wifey that evening when she got home, and we assured her that the mouse is an affliction upon our house due to the now lack of cats or anything cat smelling. Last night the rodent made itself known to Wifey in a more personal manner. While she was getting bedtime ritual stuff together for Little Man the mouse decided to show himself to Wifey. That was not a wise maneuver on the mousse part.

Wifey handled the mouse sighting very well. There was no screaming or histrionics. There was no running for help or standing on a chair. She merely talked to Little Man in very soothing tones about how they were going to leave that room. Later she confronted me about said mouse and how it was not allowed to be in her house anymore. I sagely agreed. So now I have a mandate to expulse the rodentia from our happy little home.

The odd thing about this rodent is that we have not really found any signs of its existence other than seeing the darn thing. Most other times I have been places that have a rodent problem there have been signs of such, droppings, gnawed up stuff, etc… That is not the case here, so far. In fact had we both not seen the rodent, I do not think that we would know that we had a mousish problem. So this weekend we are heading to the hardware store to get all things anti-mousish. Say good bye stupid mouse.

Good Bye stupid mouse!

Rest assured we will attempt to get rid of this mouse in the most humane way possible. So all of you that were going to call the animal protection league and PETA on me, don’t bother.

Wifey seems to be getting sick again. We were hoping that she was getting better, and for a bit she was. Personally I think she is keeping herself seeming a bit sick so she can call upon the illness when needed. That time would most likely be when my parents were around. Let’s get this straight, Wifey, I am onto you and your not-wanting-to-deal-with-my-parents-ways.

To recap:
There is a mouse in the house
It will not be there long
Wifey is ill
Come Fowl Holiday ’05 she better not be
On Belay!
Belay on!
I hate it when people finish sentences for me
Especially if they finish them incorrectly