One sock too many... or too few?

So Wifey thinks that wearing only one sock at night is a definite sign of insanity, much like wearing a boot on one’s head. I, however, disagree. I disagree vehemently. Although it’s totally okay behavior, I’m not into the one sock thing. I swear. It is just that there can sometimes be some…. circumstances, yes, circumstances where one sock is not only not crazy, but absolutely necessary.

Hypothetically speaking of course, here might be an actual instance where wearing only one sock could, nay, should be okay. Say it is time for the evening ritual with a child. Food has already been eaten, the screeching at bath time is done, and the little one is nestled nicely in his momma’s arms while she rocks him to sleep. Unfortunately, this particular momma is rocking this particular little one in a chair that is about 1 and a half inches too tall for her “rocking foot” to hit the floor comfortably. So, Papa, whilst reading aloud to lull the little one to sleep with his droning monotone narration, decides to let Momma use his sore achy ankle as a push off point for her gentle rocking of their progeny. Now in this particular hypothetical situation, the quaint family setting happens to be in the little one’s bedroom which happens to have hardwood floors. Papa’s besocked ankle is not able to stay in one spot whilst Momma pushes gently on his aching ankle to rock their little one into his sweet slumber. This hypothetical papa, ever the problem solver, decides that the easiest thing to do is to remove the sock on the rocking prop so the natural grippiness of his heel can keep his achy ankle from sliding all over the place.

Fast forward a hypothetical 45 minutes. The little one who at this particular moment might be on some medication, hypothetically speaking, of course, for his asthma and therefore finds it much more difficult to fall asleep, finally drifts off to the dreamworld. Momma and Papa get their little one into bed and head downstairs to finish getting ready for the following day. In the substantial time since removing the super slippery sock to the time when Momma and Papa are venturing downstairs to finish up the chores necessary for the morrow, Papa, hypothetically speaking, of course, might forget that he is wearing only one sock. That is until the papa from this hypothetical situation steps on the cold cold tile of their hypothetical kitchen. This is when Wifey, err… the momma in this hypothetical situation would make fun of the papa and his achy un-socked ankle and foot.

So in that situation, Wifey, you can see that it is not crazy to have only one sock on, but, instead is altruistic and loving. Not crazy. Not crazy at all. See, not crazy.

To Recap:
Not crazy
Altruistically loving, not crazy… mumble, mumble
More on socks…. I am not sure why Little Man likes to wear his sandals with socks
At least they are not black socks
What is the point of toe-socks?
What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Riding on the range,
I've got my hat - on,
I've got my boots - dusty.

I've got my saddle
On my horse.
He's called....T-t-t-t-t-trigger
Of course.

I wanna be a cowboy
and you can be my cowgirl
I wanna be a cowboy
and you can be my cowgirl
I wanna be a cowboy