home at 10

What to say. We love the people who watch our kid for free. More importantly, Little Man loves them like the Dickens as well. ( I am not sure what “love them like the Dickens” means, I abhorred reading Dickens in school, so I hope that is not how he loves them, anyway…) They love Little Man like he is their own grandkid. They forgot a bout a medical procedure happening today that involves them not being able to watch Little Man for us. I swear I am going to cut their pay in half if they continue this crap.

So, not much else going on for the day. I am just here at work trying to tie up some loose ends before trekking out of here at 10 this morning. Now, before all of you get all envious about my ability to go “play” with my kid instead of working, remember this child is on Orapred. Orapred makes kids cranky and easily tired and frustrated, but oddly un-able to sleep and function normally. He will scream as loud as he can if we try to play the DVD instead of just watching the menu screen. Yesterday after I got home with little man we “watched” the splash screen for “Bear in the Big Blue House” for 45 minutes. It was truly mind numbing. 2 minute loops of music with a whole 5 different corner images that changed on the screen. Every time Bear showed up in the lower right corner of the screen, Little Man would ask, “Bear?” I would respond with, “Yes, that is Bear.” It was sweet in a sort of repetitious poke-my-eyes-out-oh-God-when-will-this-end sort of way.

We are going to try moving Little Man into the “Big Boy Bed” this weekend. Not sure he will be too receptive to the idea, but we have to try. Again, I have to say that it was never our intention to have a family bed, but the allergies made it that way. Damn you allergies! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

To recap:
I am out of here at 10
Deal with it
How does one forget a colonoscopy?
I would think that would be something etched in my mind for years
I will be with insane Little Man all day
and all day tomorrow
Wifey is going out of town tonight and coming back tomorrow afternoon
I do not know how Wifey did it on Monday and Tuesday
I guess I will find out
She really is amazing
Saturday we lose the guest bed, but, hopefully, gain a measure of sleeping independence