So what am I thankful for? At the moment the usuals pop up. I have a good life, My kid is a sweet and loving little guy, and I have the absolute best wife in the world. Those answers are kind of prescribed. They are too easy, if you will. So what and I really thankful for.

I am thankful for:

The fact that Wifey doesn’t have scaley feet: would make sleeping next to her much less appealing

Little Man is not older than 2.3333 yet: every age seems to be the perfect age
Mountain Dew: mmmmm

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory: mmmmm mmmmm

The color green: it is like blue with some yellow

The cheer that the Tuskan Raider does after wholluping Luke in Star Wars: A New Hope:

“Urt…. Urt urt urt urt!” pump that gaffi stick up and down, you cold-cocked a farm boy! Boo-yah

The Lord of the Rings books and movies: both finely crafted and are genre defining

Cake: the band with the wicked base line

Vanilla cake with white frosting: just tasty

G-Money, B-Dawg, and K-Pop for the Friday evening WoW: how else do I get my quilboar killing on

Back scratchers: for the hard to reach places

Angry Kitty: God, I wish I could find this .gif image it is all animated and shooty (if anyone has it please leave a comment on the blog)

That the voices in my head mainly chat about Mountain Dew and Vanilla Bean Cheesecake: the constant kill this person, kill that person got tiresome.

The theme music from MacGyver: I would not be able to do improvisational engineering without it

The theme music from the A-Team: oddly, other than the MacGyver Theme music, this theme music replaces all other 80/90’s action shows theme music in my head

That more things do not come coconut flavored: yeeee-uck

My prehensile tail: just checking to see if you are actually reading this

Fowl Holiday 05’ is almost here and gone: darn family

That I hain’t in Alabamer no mo: reason is evident

Mashed potatoes are so yummy: mmmmmm yet again

Wool socks: don’t ask

Wednesday lunches: where else can one talk about fornicating with a dead horse without seeming out of place

My parental units aren’t getting here until noon tomorrow

My parental units are going back tomorrow evening

There is other stuff, but I am tired of writing.

One thing of note: Growing up in ‘Bama when we were in music class during the Thanksgiving Season when we had to sing that dreaded "Over the River and Through the Woods" song. None of us understood why that person was traveling for Thanksgiving Dinner through snow. It might snow in January, but not much. Definitely wouldn’t snow in November, that would be just plain impossible. FYI: It is snowing really steadily here today.

To recap:
A prehensile tale would be awesome
I gots to pick up G-Money in Cinci tonight
½ day till Fowl Holiday ‘05
MMMMM stuffing
Have a safe and happy holiday for those of you in the US
All you other people, enjoy yourselves anyway
The Scientific symbol for the "Em" is \oo/
.... 'cause there is an "em" in "Hook'em Horns"