Road Trippin

Okay now I have a headache. I was doing alright moments ago, but now I have a headache. “What garnered you this headache, pray tell?” you ask. Well, loyal reader, the surrogate grandparents of Little Man, the caregivers, if you will, have helped me amass this throbbing in my frontal lobe with Silly Notion #43. My grey matter aches since they wish to travel 2 hours away with Little Man 6 days after his ER visit. He just is not healthy enough for a road trip. He simply is not healthy enough to be 2 hours away from his established medical community. In fact, he is not yet recovered enough to merely not cough if he has been outside. It is freaking cold and dry outside, and his lungs want, nay, need warm and moist.

Wifey informed me of their plans this morning after she dropped off Little Man, but Silly Notion #43 serves no purpose for Little Man. I imagine he does not want to be cooped up in the car for 4 hours total to go to a place that does not have slides or swings. They want to visit Grandma D’s Mom, yes, Little Man is excitedly looking forward to a visit with an octogenarian. Who, at age 2.4, doesn’t want to spend half a day with and eighty-something year old woman?

Boy, my head is just a pounding away now. I think the Pine Marten might be back after his limited hiatus. I don’t think that Little Man is giving me nearly as many grey/gray hairs as Grandma D and Grandpa R.

To Recap:

Good lord my head hurts

Digging furiously to get out of my skull, damn you Marten!!!
I hate the smell of citrus fruits
They make my head hurt as well
Aretha, is there really a “freeway of love” and how does one “go a-ridin’” on it?
Hey, where’d all my commenters go?
What does sarcasm smell like?