I started out thinking that I could get away with a simple, yet elegant “Mea Culpa” idea to apologize ("apologise" for the Queen’s English folk) about my errors dealing with the Comments portion of the page. Wifey completely nixed that idea and said, “’Mea Culpa’ doesn’t quite fit, try ‘Dummy-Head.’” It is quite true. I am, in fact, a Dummy-Head. You see, on Friday of last week, when I did the Orapred Information post, I changed some settings on Blogger of which I did not truly understand the ramifications. Comment Moderation was enabled, and I did not realize ("realise" for the Queen’s English folk) that Comment Moderation did not allow comments to be posted until they had been approved. I am truly a Dummy-Head. Here I was thinking that nobody liked me anymore, and it turns out I was a Dummy-Head. I was crying myself to sleep in my big fat pillow due to my lack of comment, when, truth be told, I was a Dummy-Head.

I have approved all the comments that were awaiting approval and I have answered each one of them diligently. I apologize (again, "apologise") about my Dummy-Headedness, and I will now endeavor (endeavour) to never make that silly mistake again.

Let me say, “Thank you all for your kind comments and inquiries as to the health of Little Man. He is doing much better now, and the Orapred seems to be through his system now.”

On to a follow up of Silly Notion # 43.

Grandma D and Grandpa R thought better of taking Little Man on the icy octogenarian road-trip. When I went to pick Little Man up from the furnace that Grandma D and Grandpa R call their condo (I swear, that the temperature always hovers around 90 ° F in that domicile [that is 32.22 ° C for you metric folk out there and 305.37 K for you physicists]), I mentioned that we, the parents, of little Man were not feeling too comfy about the road trip. She said that the more they thought about it, the more she felt that it wasn’t the greatest of ideas (ergo the title Silly Notion #43 moniker). They re-scheduled their road-trip until Friday sans Little Man.

And there was much rejoicing.

So I do not have to burn any of my precious PTO.

Again, there was much rejoicing.

To Recap
Me = Dummy-Head
Wifey no likey the “Mea Culpa”
I was not as lonely as I thought I was
It seems that Misery does, indeed, love company
Sloppy Joes for dinner
Oddly for lunch tomorrow as well
Mmmm sloppy Joes