Ah, the promise of a new week

Ah, the promise of a new week. Sure the week started yesterday with Little Man still working his way through an ear infection and a cold. See, the problem with the current weather in Central Ohio is that there is no consistency to it, and these daily 20 to 30 degree temperature swings seem to exacerbate his asthmatic crap. Did I mention that he has an ear infection as well? All illnesses, however seemingly benign, tend to cause an asthmatic reaction. He gets a mild fever, we are immediately giving breathing treatment so we can prevent Little Man going on Orapred. Being the parent of a kid with a bad case of the asthma is not an easy thing. Now, being the parent of 2 kids with asthma and a newborn that is most likely asthmatic, but not yet diagnosable, that would be my Hell (especially if Muzak were somehow involved.) Hats off to you Angry Asthma Mama. Sweet mother of God, I do not want that.

Anyway… My legs are really sore from my 30 minutes on the elliptical on Saturday. I really pushed myself since the place was insanely busy, and most of the machines were tied up with long lines of waiting people with receptionists and appointment books. I think the Lat pull-down machine could have fit me in later that afternoon, if someone called in sick. I hope I am able to get myself into a good routine so I will continue to go there after most of the resolutioners drop off. It was a packed house.

One thing I found out about myself though was that I think that aerobics instructors should all be insanely fit looking. Whilst dripping sweat from the elliptical machine I happened to peer into the aerobics “salon” and noticed that the instructor looked like he was carrying a little weight in his midsection. Now, he had thighs the size of tree trunks and was moving like a chipmunk on crack. Honestly, the man did not stop, and it was apparent by the state of distress of most of the aerobicizers (aerobicisers) that he had been going non stop at a heart-bursting pace for the full class time, but he was still carrying weight. Clearly he was fit. Clearly he was working the hell out of the people in the class with him. I still found myself wondering if I would only half ass it in his class since this work out was clearly not making him super svelte. Luckily for all involved’s safety, I will not be taking part in any aerobics. I lack a certain amount of coordination to take part in aerobics, step aerobics, tae-bo, line dancing, the Macarena etc…

Anyway… Wifey is starting to get sick as well. Man, I am just a whiney little bastard today, must be the headache. Her illness seems to be the cold that Little Man has. Clearly she is the favored (favoured for my Canadian readers, happy voting day, eh! And my British readers) parent at the moment. He is just sharing everything with her. I do not mind, my turn in the hot seat will come soon enough. Now, we seem to rotate in favor (favour) every few months. She just got saddled with sick inducing January. My time will come, oh yes, my time will come.

To recap:
Ah, the promise of a new week…
1 asthmatic kid is enough, thank you very much
My hips and my calves are killing me
Knees are doing great
I know the instructor could run me into the dirt, but he was still a bit paunchy
Not to say I am not paunchy, but I do not teach an aerobics class, nor think I should
When all your kid says in response to questions is “No,” you must phrase your questions carefully
For example:
Wifey: I love you Little Man
Little Man: I love you
Wifey: Really? You really love me?
Little Man: No