No Time to post

Somebody just exploded in the bathroom. I mean it. This person sat down and just blew up. I swear to you, there is probably nothing left of this man except an upper torso, arms, and lower legs (I am sure his head melted due to the fumes). I am just glad that I was finishing up the whole hand washing thing when that man unleashed Hell. I think it is the same person who I mentioned being made of stink. He really should have that checked out, if he, ideed, has any colon left.

Anyway… Wifey is sick, sick, sick, and not in the puppies/hibachi grill way either. She is ill; Shaky-feverish-delusional ill. Little Man seems to be doing better, so we at least got that going for us. On top of all the illness that is rampant in the house, we just had a client (yesterday) inform us that their meeting has been moved from this Friday to tomorrow morning. It has been nuts here today taking care of this debacle. Our meeting with them was moved from Thursday to this afternoon at 3, so I gots to go. I will post much more, and happier stuff tomorrow. I am sure of it.

To recap:
Damn, that bathroom needs ventilation
Damn, Damn, that poor man blowing up like that in there
I swear Wifey is near hallucinating
Stupid work, getting in the way of my blogging