I am at home today with my lovely little boy. “But it is a Wednesday?” you ask. Well, you are correct. It is indeed a Wednesday. Turns out that the caregivers forgot about something else, so I am at home with my kid on a Wednesday. Life could be much worse. Much worse indeed, I could be working. What this unexpected time at home does do, however, is throw a wrench into my meticulously planned schedule for the week. “Meticulously planned,” I tell you!

I just put Little Man down for his afternoon nap, so I thought that I would attempt to blog a little instead of sleeping with him. For those of you who do not know, napping next to a loved one is really a slice of heaven… especially if that loved one occasionally giggles in his sleep.

Really there is not much to speak of today. I assure you that my banal tales of blather will continue on tomorrow.

To recap:

At home with Little Man
Watching a “Shit-Ton” of Bear in the Big Blue House
Little Man’s words, not mine
A “Shit-Ton” is larger than a “Truckload,” a “Boatload,” or a “Shitload”
But smaller than a “Fuckload”
Metric does really work better in this instance
Millishit-Ton, Decishit-Ton, Shit-Ton, Decashit-Ton, Kiloshit-Ton etc…