So, I have absolutely nothing today. Nothing, nada, rien, nil, null, void, zero, zip, zilch, aught, the big ole goose egg, scratch, but not Old Scratch, that is a colonial colloquialism for the Devil. I do not have the Devil. I do not have the Devil at all. That would imply that I have something, when, truly, I have nothing. The Devil being something and all.

The funny thing is that you can say all you want about nothing and be correct. All the elephants in this room are wearing blue hats. Since there are no elephants in this room, this is a correct statement. Logic is odd this way. It is a bit illogical for it to work this way, but it does make sense in the long run. It is much like multiplying by 0. If you have no sets of 5 you still have nothing, and that is what I have at the moment. Nothing.

There are no anecdotes about Little Man today. There are no rants today. I have nothing. Not a thing. Not a damn thing. I have some apathy, but is that really something that you can have? I mean really, can one truly own apathy? Doesn’t ownership take effort? And effort is against the whole point of apathy. Can apathy have a point? I would imagine that apathy is dull and pointless. Maybe I will be more useful tomorrow, but I doubt it.


To recap:
Elephants in this room tend to be hatted
An infinite collection of nothing is still nothing
And no sets of infinity is still nothing as well.
Apathy is defined by, “Oh fuck it, I don’t care.”