Do Yellow and Red Fanta make Orange?

Turns out Little Man loves Fanta Orange. He gets that from me. Honestly, my choice in carbonated beverages does make me and some others question some of my caucazoidal roots. I love me some Funyuns and fruit flavored sodas, and these loves are aspects not quite in tune with the whole white “culture” (and I use the term “culture” loosely) thing. . If I liked chicken on the bone I might start questioning my family more about their ethnic roots. Heck there are family rumors that hint at my Grandfather being biracial anyway. He was adopted, so no one really knows, and my eating and drinking patterns seem to indicate something a bit more soulful than solely European ancestry…

Case in point: Saturday night, whilst at dinner I had Orange Slice as my beverage of choice. Later that evening a Grape Crush whilst playing on the computer. I will be eating some Funyuns in about 30 minutes. Damn you snack machine! Damn you to Hell!!!!

Case 2 in point: When I was working at the local NordicTrack store at the Riverchase Galleria near Birmingham, Alabama I had the unfortunate occurrence to total my second vehicle in as many years. It was not a great summer for me. Firstly, I was not in Ohio with my lovely girlfriend (now wife). Secondly, I was peddling exercise equipment to rednecks. Thirdly, and finally, I totaled my car at the mall entrance on the way to work.

Back to the topic at hand… at one of the entrances to the Riverchase Galleria near Birmingham, Alabama there was a tree that had gobbled up 6 cars that year: my car being one of them. I hydroplaned going around a curve at less than 20 miles per hour and hit a tree just perfectly enough to shift the engine mounts about an inch. The interesting thing during this event is that I had just purchased a 32oz fountain beverage from a convenience mart. “What was in that 32oz refillable drink cup?” you ask. Well, intrepid reader, it was Minute Maid Orange Soda. Much like Eddie Griffin’s Character in Undercover Brother when he is doing his parallel parking job, I did not spill a drop. Unlike Undercover Brother, I totaled my car.

While I do like me some orange sodas, I am not the connoisseur of the orange sodas like I am of the grape. I clearly like grape soda more than orange. Little Man, however, does not hold the same opinion. He went bat-shit crazy for a can of Fanta Orange yesterday. He drank a whole can of the stuff in less than 10 minutes and wanted more. He was clutching the can in his 2 little hands like we had been purposefully keeping him away from this godlike nectar. He would take a long pull from this can, look at me with an orange half-moon staining his upper lip, and smile at me like he finally found something in this world to love. It was a bit disturbing. Then he would burp like he was a 65 year old man drunk on Pabst. I had to get Little Man to let go of the Fanta can so I could take his jacket off, it was not a pretty spectacle. He calmed down when he was able to cradle it lovingly in his arms again.

To Recap:
Everyone is Casa De La SRH is doing much better now.
Thanks for asking
I think Little Man feels we have been holding out on him
Fanta Orange, who would have thought?
Won’t touch the Grape Crush though
Tacos for dinner tonight