The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out...

Nothing says “Great Custodial Staff and Hygenic Co-Workers” like worms in the urinals. Yep, worms in the urinals. You read that correctly… worms in the urinals.

Now, worms in the bathroom illuminates 2 problems.

Problem Number 1: Our custodial staff is not really giving it their “A” game. I understand this to a point. I barely clean up my own messes (love ya Wifey!), so I would be hard pressed to make the effort to clean up someone else’s mess. Keeping that in mind I offer the following logical proof:

1. Most cleaning solutions have very detrimental effects upon living organisms, they are chlorine based and kill everything.
2. I know that there are milder cleaners out there that are much more bio friendly, but the really bio-friendly stuff is not cheap, and my company is.

Through the application of 1 & 2 one can safely assume that our custodial staff uses the cheap and deadly stuff. Through the knowledge of the existence of worms in the urinals, we can safely surmise that the custodial staff is not using said cheap deadly stuff effectively.

Q.E.D. our custodial staff sucks

Problem Number 2: What kind of freaky ailments/infestations do my coworkers have that allows there to be worms in the urinals?

I mean, wow! Yuck! Ewwww!

I am soooo washing my hands like I am heading into surgery from now on at this place. Forearms and everthing.

On a side note, Wifey has not been able to conquer her illness as of late since it is actually a kind of bronchial infection. She is now on a Z-pack and should be feeling much better by tomorrow. Little Man seems to be doing better, and we are hoping that he also does not/has not developed a new infection as well.

To Recap:
Tron and DePeche Mode make a great team
Worms in the urinals… ‘nuff said
Clearly, I work in a filthy filthy dung heap
Wifey should be on the mend soon
I am exhausted
My ears feel like they will ‘xplode