SRH Rules!

So I am topic-less for today. Forgive me. It is no sin to have difficulty come up with useless blather. I really did try. I have started this post at least 3 times today. Each time I have hit on one of my own personal blog no-no’s. I have some guidelines that I try to adhere to whilst blogging.

Firstly: I have attempted to keep this here blog pretty un-identifying and rather a-personal. I try not to use names, This is not some altruistic need to protect the innocent as much as it is to give the guilty a head start. That is why my son’s name has not appeared on this here Internet communication medium, as well as my name or my wife’s name. Relative anonymity is all I am asking for. If anyone really tries to dig and find out all my “blogger” information, they could. I just want to make them want it prior to searching. As far as the a-personal goes, I have made efforts not to really post things that are personally charged and/or emotionally difficult. I guess the “proper” term for emotionally raw and poignant posting is called “naked blogging.” I am a fully clothed, and somewhat bundled up blogger.

Secondly: I have made a concerted effort to keep this blog relatively a-political. Anyone who reads here regularly can probably tell that I am a bit left of center where American Politics are concerned, but I try to not let that overtly taint by posts. There is a definite left-leaning under-current to this old bloggarooney, but I don’t think I could type out anything without it leaning a bit to the left.

Thirdly: While my kid is absolutely adorable, I have attempted to not just make this forum a “Daddy Blog.” Yes, Little Man says “train” in his sleep, but you do not want nor need to hear about that constantly. His growth and development is truly amazing, and he is quite the quirly little fellow, but I would find this site to be rather boring if he were the only subject matter. That being said, the other day he wanted more juice. The problem was that he still had some in his cup. I politely told him that I couldn’t get him any more juice until he finished the juice in his cup. He walked over to the sink, poured out the remaining juice, said “All done,” and handed me the cup for a re-fill. The whole time he looked at me like I was a dumbass for making him do this.

Fourthly: I want this thing to be interesting, and I hope it has been so.

So what no-no’s did I hit upon in my first 3 drafts for today.

Well attempt 1 was too politically charged. This is something that happens fairly often. My first instinct is to go after current events, but let’s be clear, I am not Jon Stewart, and this is not the The Daily Show blog. There is no way that I could out-do him, nor would I try. Attempt 2 was a bit too “naked” for my tastes and 3 ended up being rather un-interesting. I think had I found an air-conditioning repair book and just copied a couple of random paragraphs it would have gone better, had more flow and been more entertaining.

So instead you have to deal with my blathering about how I am supposed to blather.

To Recap:
I gots me some rules to abide by
Not the most comprehensive code of conduct, but it gets the job done
I will not be in the office tomorrow
So NO post on Thursday
Deal with it
No hippos were hurt in the creation of this post
Much to my chagrin
I have got to start drawing again