20 Questions, yet again

20 questions day 'cause I don't feel like coming up with crap today

1) Who is your favorite Bond villain? (Assuming you have one)
Emilio Largo from Thunderball…mainly because Tom Jones sings the title theme.

2) What is the longest plane ride you've ever been on?
Munich to New Jersey

3) Do you have a favorite pair of socks?
Nope, I wish I did. I only have a drawer full of socks I hate. Stupid Bastard Socks!!!! I Hope you Rot in Hell!!!

4) What is the fundamental difference between working hard and hardly working?
Perspective, it is all about relativity baby.

5) You have ten minutes to grab whatever you can from your house before going into permanent exile (your family is safe and will be going with you). What do you take?
Wedding photos and my PC (mainly due to the digital media on the PC) everything else is pretty much replaceable.

6) What's the biggest challenge being married?
Staying married

7) What's the funniest thing your son has said?
So far the best thing he has said is “Shalsha.” He likes to put shalsha on his ta---co. Currently, his favorite phrase to say after doing anything is “I’m Sorry.” He says “I’m sorry” to his socks when he takes off his shoes. He says “I’m sorry” to his toes when he puts on his socks. IT is rather cute.

8) Are you a good daddy?
I like to think so, but time will tell

This picture says, "No."

9) If you could live anywhere in the world, other than where you live now, where would that be?
I am really not sure at all. There are so many cool places in the world. I guess I would have to go with a subterranean bunker with enough supplies to live for at least a year. Not that I would need to live undrground for at least a year due to alien invasion or some such nonsense. I mean, that would be plain silly. Forget I even mentioned it.

10) Jesus and Ghandi met at a dinner. What did they discuss?
Oddly, they spoke about the Orlando Magic. One would think they would have been talking about the whole Shaq/Kobe feud, or at least the death of spiritualism in Western Culture. Go figure

11) Why do computer geeks drink Mountain Dew?
Well, there are many reasons.
Reason Number 1: It is green, much like alien saliva
Reason Number 2: Prior to the mega caffeine drinks, Mt Dew was the most caffeinated soft drink on the market. Still not as caffeinated as coffee, but more immediately tasty
Reason Number 3: Umm, I am not sure why it is soooo geek chic

12) If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
I believe you have successfully failed in you failure to succeed.

13) If a Major is not a higher ranking officer than a General, then why is a major illness more serious than a general illness?
A better question is, “If you are a Major who majored in college in General Studies, do you generally study Generals?” Or “If you are a General, do you do the same things on a day to day basis, generally?”

14) Why do all superheroes wear spandex?
If I were built like a superhero, all I would ever wear would be spandex, but not yellow spandex. No one can look good in yellow spandex.

15) I noticed a “Dan 666” written in the office ceiling ductwork. Question - who knew the Devil's name was Dan? Or is it his initials? If it is his initials, I bet his middle name is Albert - that would cause him to wreck universal destruction.
I think you mean a “unified theory of destruction.” Only the Devil’s closest cadre of friends actually know that his name is Dan. I heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend of the devil’s gardener.

16) Why do the ladies keep their hair long to lure in a man, but cut it short as soon as they're married? False advertising I say! False Advertising!
Ummm, wow, uh, it seems you are harboring some deep seeded resentment of your wife shearing her long flowing locks. I am pretty sure that any response I give your emotional question will not be adequate, so I will say, “Lice.”

17) Why do fireworks and rednecks spell disaster?
Rednecks can’t spell “Disaster” so your question is un-answerable

18) How is it being mouse-free in the office?
Our office is now free of mice? That is great; I can start dumping my food onto the floor again.

19) Why is it so nice to snuggle with your own kids?
Cause the neighbor’s kids get really weirded out when I snuggle with them

20) Which was your favorite Rocky movie? I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII? (or whenever it may have ceased... I think they may be actuallty working on a new one...)
Rambo III, he beats those Russians into submission in Afghanistan

To Recap:
I will be out of the office tomorrow,

EDIT Not Tomorrow, I will be out of the office on Thursday Tomorrow's blog will be haphazard just like usual (thank you Mimm)
So no Thursday Blog
Leftovers tonight at Chez SRH
Getting people to give questions can be like pulling teeth
The doctor says I will live
There was much lamenting and gnashing of teeth at this announcement