Hindsight is 20/20 questions

I do not want to think today, so here are 20 questions. Thanks to all for submitting. You guys are da best. Without further ado:

1. Which would you choose, if you had to- an exciting, intellectually challenging, socially meaningful career at a tiny tiny salary, or a boring, frustrating position making more than you could ever spend?
Currently, I would take either. Right now I have a frustrating position making not that great of a salary

2. Do you like jelly? What is your favorite variety of jelly?
Honestly, I like Smuckers Concord Grape Jam
Mmmm Concord Brake Jam

3. What is your favorite task at your job? Least favorite?
Hey, that’s 2 questions. 1. Ummmm, doing the final print of a map and 2. Getting a string of edits that lead back to the original design

4. Why are mandatory meetings always scheduled when you have insane deadlines?
It is the way of things. The best way to meet a deadline is to take everyone off the project and talk about strategic planning

5. Why do Ohio sports teams always end up choking? WHY?
Let’s be clear, not all Ohio sports team choke, some just plain suck

6. Why are weatherman always wrong? ....Huge snow storm, 3-5 inches my ass!
Well, meteorology is an in inexact science to begin with, and the talking heads on TV are just the meteorologists who have camera prescience. The real wiz-bang meteorologists are sitting at a desk somewhere working for the National Weather Service.

7. What's your favorite breed of dog?
I am not really a dog person. Much more of a cat person, so I would have to go with whatever dog out there is most cat-like.

8. Do you have any hobbies?

I like to draw, but I do not make the time to do it. Other than that there is my fixation on World of Warcrack… err. Warcraft

9. How come you ruin so many cars?
I tire of vehicles quickly. Actually, the string of a car a year is over, thank God! I am terribly unlucky. I had a rear wheel blow out on a rear wheel drive car, a hydroplaning incident at a mall entrance, an engine fire, and a failure to yield right-of-way. So I am on my 5th car with only 16 years of being in driving age. That is a car every 3.2 years. Maybe leasing is the way for me?

10. Will the snow we are getting today, the first day of spring, stick?
My bet is that it will not stick all that great, mainly sense I think most of it looks like it will go to the north of Columbus.

11. Why does Little Man mimic a drunk leprechaun so well?
Yes, mimic

12. What do you want for your birthday?
Honestly, the birthday is not until June, so I have not really thought about it too much. If I had to choose right now, time off from work

13. If parents have their child’s asthma “managed” successfully – doesn’t that just mean their kid has a wussy case of asthma? Just wondering.
A wussy case of asthma or vigilant parent/s, I guess, those are the 2 options. Little Man’s asthma requires 5 daily medicines (some of which are required twice a day) with an additional 2 during “bad breathing episodes. I would say he has a monumental case of asthma for a 2.6667 year old. Granted, there are worse cases out there, but in general, I would say our case goes to vigilant parent/s. In our case, most of the acclaim goes to Wifey. You da best baby!

14. If a cheese cake and a cream pie were to get into a fight, who would win?
I would. Mmmmmmmmmmm creamy cheesecake pie

15. Why do people love the Sopranos?
I honestly don’t know why it is such an American cultural phenomenon. None of the characters are likeable, and it glorifies a criminal lifestyle. Sure bad things happen to the shows characters, but all in all it normalizes the lives of a criminal element and makes it more acceptable to the mainstream.

16. What is silliest reason someone you know stopped dating someone?
Smelled like cabbage. Not really a bad reason to break up with someone, but it does sound rather silly.

17. Why does anybody still care about the Oscars and how can they imagine that it is actually or noteworthy to approach “controversial” subjects when the entire Hollywood “society” agrees with you entirely and there is no actual risk of retribution or public disfavor! I mean speaking out against the war or speaking up for homosexuality!!! GOSH! You must be sooooooo courageous to risk your career like that!!! OOOOOOHH! AAAHHHHH! Mumble mumble……..
I am simply going to avoid eye contact and back away slowly…

18. Where did I put my pen?
Have you looked in your supply closet? I find multiple versions of the pens I have misplaced in there. They are often in a box with the missing pen’s picture on it, so you may have to open that up.

19. I can’t find my clam clipper deally thing either. Any ideas?
Ummm, I am not really sure what a “clam clipper deally” thing is, but have you tried your coat pocket?

20. Why isn’t dizzy bat an Olympic event? It would be twice as funny as a Winter event with the ice and all.
For all of you out there in cyberland who do not know what “dizzy bat” is: to the best of my knowledge Dizzy Bat is more of a race than a baseball like game. One bends over and runs in a circle whilst apply one’s forehead to the end of a regulation MLB baseball bat for three interations as fast as one can spin. Then said, player tries to round the bases being all dizzylike. On ice it would be hilarious. That being said, it would be more interesting than curling.

To recap:
I felt lazy today
Had New York style pizza for lunch today
It was yummy
I have a meeting to get to
More tomorrowBlogger is doing weird stuff still, please be patient