St Patrick's Day Access Denied

What do I have to chat about today? Oh, yes, the aftermath of St Patrick’s day.

Little Man circa 5 pm Friday 17 March 2006

This is Little Man circa 8 pm Friday 17 March 2006

Little Man circa 9 am Saturday 18 March 2006

On to something completely different…

On Thursday evening and for most of Friday my blog was tagged with the dreaded “Blogger 403” error. It turns out that one of Blogger’s server clusters, or some other such thingy, went belly up Thursday evening, and took with it a number of blogs. Mine was amongst those affected by this limited outage.

Now, I do not have many goals in life. I really don’t. In many ways I let that part of my soul die. The part of the soul that has hope and ambition... yep, pretty much dead. I do have a small goal to increase the number of visits to my blog to reach at least 1000. So far I have tapped out at 825-ish. When that is my only goal in life, any disruption in service really hurts. Hurts my deadened withered soul. I waste hours upon hours of my day at work doing job related tasks when I could be monitoring Site Meter for site visits.

To recap:
I am not sure what was originally going on in those pics, but they do make a fun St. Patrick’s Day story
I am hungry
No comments on my last blog?
Clearly poop is not a topic for blogs
Either that or all of you are offended at my un-manly characterization of Dog Fancy readers
Site Meter is really neat
Best quote from a kid’s show: “Stella, don’t listen to the baby monkeys when they laugh at you.”
Truer words have never been said
So, all you blog readers, don’t listen to the baby monkeys when they laugh at you