The best thing about meetings is that they sometimes come with the option of free food. Unfortunately for me, today this free food came in the form of a Chinese buffet. I love me some Chinese food, and I love me some buffet. One would think that bringing these 2 good things together would be like adding chocolate and peanut butter together. For many people this is the case. For me, it is not so much the case.

The Chinese restaurants that work for me tend to be a little nicer food. Good quality meat, home-made sauces from fresh ingredients, etc… Chinese buffets, on the other hand, tend to be a little lower on the quality scale. You make up for the quality with the volume. They crank this food out in huge vats of pre-processed ingredients and meat of marginal quality. This typically means that there are more preservatives in the food. The preservative in question that makes buffets a bad thing for me is good old MSG. Monosodium Glutamate. This is both a preservative and a “flavor enhancer.”

For me, the truckloads of MSG, which are present and used in most Chinese buffets cause massive headaches. I am 4 Tylenols to the wind right now, and still can feel the throbbing pressure in my forehead. So, not much else to write about today; I am battling a raging chemical induced headache.

To recap
The first course at Chinese buffets should always consist of purely fried food smothered in sweet and sour sauce
It is the way of things
One of the guys at lunch came back with a plate of fruit
Man, my head hurts