Usually I can count on the weekend for some material, but my life has gotten so boring that I cannot even do that. Wow, that is a boring life. I would regale you with tales of the Little Man, but he was a little under the weather this weekend, so not much to chat about there. I will attempt to entertain with an accumulation of Little Man snippets.

I guess the big “new” thing Little Man is doing is running poor Henry off of a bridge embankment and giggling. He then apologizes profusely for this grave injustice to “Big Green Henny.” This apology is followed closely by backing the engine up the track and doing it repeatedly with the same results. He intersperses this dynamic dialog with Henry by smashing Thomas the tank engine with a post office building to his glee while yelling, “Oh Nos!” He then asks Thomas if he is okay and apologizes. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Every once and a while he goes all Gojira Kaiju on the train table. He then demands that Wifey or myself rebuild the train tracks better, stronger, and faster. Again, lather, rinse, repeat.

The other thing that Little Man has currently changed is his internal reference to McDonald’s. Since we got the go ahead from the allergist on potatoes for Little Man, he has wanted to refer to the golden arches in comparison to his culinary heaven, Burger King. He is too familiar with the establishment to call it by its full name. He refers to Burger king simply as “King.” Therefore McDonald’s is hence forth known as “Yellow King,” or more precisely “Yea-Yo King.” He likes their French fries, and who doesn’t?

To recap:
My life is boing
I meant to type “boring” instead of “boing,” but I like the mistype
My new most favoritest website ever is this one
Thanks to One Child Left Behind for introducing me to the site
I wish I had more to blather about
Alas and alack, I do not