I just felt like wearing a silk shirt today. Okay, that is it. I had more laundry to choose from, I just chose the wine colored silk shirt. It is a nice weight. It is breathable so I won’t get too hot, yet it is long-sleeved so I will not get too cold. So, I don’t “rock the long-sleeve button down” too often. That doesn’t mean that something earth shattering is occurring when I do sport the long sleeve silky.

I am certain that if there were a pattern emblazoned within the strands that create my wonderfully silken shirt, no one would be asking if I was having wardrobe issues. I apologize to everyone that this shirt happens to be a solid color. The next time I buy a silk shirt I will make sure it is patterned. Would that get you people off my back? A simple geometric pattern? Maybe something more organic? I am not doing Hawaiian. Not because I have anything against the Hawaiian culture, but because there is a bit of a “Friday is Loud Hawaiian Shirt Day” that goes on in my section. I choose not to participate. Yep, anything non-solid colored would notr generate the reactions that I have gotten today.

So I have to wonder, “Do I dress myself soo incredibly casually that when I have on a long sleeve button down that people need to question my apparel motivations? Do I so rarely wear something a little more than ‘business casual,’ that everyone audibly comments when they see me in something just a tad nicer? Am I such a beast? Why are you all staring at me?”

To recap:
I feel pretty
Fighting a ticket in court on Monday
It was a yellow light, damnit!
Why couldn’t the bicycle stand?
It was two tired
Get it? “two tired” : “too tired”
So, 2 pandas were taking a bath
1 said, “Pass the soap.”
The other one said, “No.”
Those 2 jokes make me giggle every time