It looks as if soon the Little Man will no longer be needing Wifey or myself. It seems that he has “figured out” how this whole microwave cooking thing is supposed to happen. Last night, the resourceful 2.75 year old decided it was “his turn” to make the “chickies” (Tyson Chicken Tenders). He only needed my help to get the bag from the freezer. (Note to self, in new house, get freezer Little Man can access easily.) He placed the poultry products on his plate, opened the microwave door, and waited for instructions.

I called out “4” to him, and he obligingly hit the 4 button. I called out “5” and he searched diligently and pressed, unerringly, the numeral 5. I said, “Now hit the ‘START’ button." and he hit the “STOP/CLEAR” button. Okay so there are a few bugs to work out of the system. So we started over again. I called out “4” and he hit the 4 button, I called out “5” and he hit the 5 button, and I said, "Now press the “START” button." and, having learned from our previous attempt, pointed to it for him. He pressed the button and magically the microwave started exciting the polarity in the water vapor trapped in the chicken. Little Man giggled with what one can only assume was pride. One makes this assumption since the giggles were more gleeful and not so much malevolent. Plus, malevolent giggling is typically referred to as malevolent “chuckling.”

Anyway… I digress. The 45 seconds ended and he flipped the “chickies” over, and the call and response began again. “Little Man, hit the 4 button.” He complied. “Okay now the 0 button.” It took a bit of searching, but he finally found the button. “Now press ‘START’ again.” More giggling as the microwave turntable started to spin like so many electrons.

Little Man has learned how to cook. He is now self sufficient. As soon as he is potty-trained my job as a parent is done, and he is already used the potty a couple of times.

To Recap:
Little Man is becoming quite the big boy
My allergies are really flaring up today
My right eye is quite itchy
Version 2.0 on the renderings is complete
Now I just have to revise as per the client’s request
I will be traveling to Cincinnati tomorrow
I hate traveling for work
I want to take a nap
We are having pancakes for dinner
With Bob Evans sausage links
The pancakes are really an excuse to eat sausage
Mmmmm sausage