20 questions with SRH

Okay, I am traveling to Cincinnati for work today, so here is the most recent installment of 20 questions with SRH. Again, these questions are compiled from people I know and some I don’t.

1. Do you recycle or do you assume that by throwing away aluminum and glass and “recyclable” plastics with your regular trash that is sent to the landfill, you are creating a future industry where long lost landfills are sought out and mined for their invaluable resources. I mean the whole nine yards. I am thinking 1000’s of years from now, like after some sort of nuclear holocaust with a complete loss of technology where maybe just maybe, genetically modified dwarves would be used for mining. So… do you recycle or not? Think about the future….

Okay, let me get this straight. Your question is if I recycle or not. My answer is somewhat. Wifey is much better at the whole recyling thing than I am. So half of our household recycles. So, imagine the number of genetically engineered mining dwarves with Scottish accents (it is a known fact that all genetically engineered mining dwarves have a Scottish burr) cut in half.

2. So why won’t socialized medical care work? I am not asking if it will or won’t that is a bit far out there and I am hoping for genetically modified dwarves, so what do you think its down fall will be? (and don’t say people, that’s just cheating.)

Ummm… people. I ain’t above the cheating

3. So what do you miss most about caffeine? Is it the magic button like instance of going from sleepy and dull when you wake up to full swing in just one can OR is it the 2-3rd hour after lunch that has you so close to coma that you fear for your safety that could be so easily cured with just one or two delicious sips of everyone’s favorite xanthanine?

I have a confession to make. I have not been completely faithful to the strict “no caffeine” stand that I was on earlier. I have found there is only so much Sprite and Sierra Mist I can take. The methadone (caffeine free Mt Dew) isn’t hacking it as much, so I have let an occasional Pepsi or Coke slip into my gullet. So, I am typically caffeine free. What I hate the most about being mostly caffeine free, is the let down around 2:30 pm. The “post lunch lurch,” if you will.

4. So I can’t help but notice that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were on a recent People magazine, does that mean US Weekly is winning?

Oh, US Weekly is totally better, regardless of TomKat coverage. They know what they are, they do not try to fool anyone with manufactured stories of ordinary people overcoming adversity to tug the heart strings. US Weekly goes straight for the celebrity gossip. I respect that. I respect that probably more than I should.

5. So that 70’s Show and Malcom in the Middle are both gone in the same week. Is CBS going to make a comeback!!?

Probably not.

6. How is it possible for your 2.8 year old son to eat 12 chicken fingers at one sitting?

I imagine he has to have some hollow cavities other than his stomach in his tiny frame that fill up with food matter. It is the only way… Although last night he did yarf up some of his stomach contents...

7. Was Reagan right, is ketchup really a vegetable?

I am not really sure that Reagan was right about anything. Other than his spending policies which toppled the Soviet Union, I cannot think of one thing that the man did “correctly” other than speeches. Like him or lump him: the man was an incredible speaker.

8. If you could magically change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My complete and total lack of super-powers.

9. Does your mother-in-law meddle? Give example.

My Mother-in-Law reads this here blog, and I am fairly sure you, the question maker, knows that. So, in answer to your question, “no comment.”

10. If you had to move from Columbus, Ohio, where would you like to live?

I would have to say someplace either nestled in the mountains, or someplace close to mountains. I love me some mountains.

11. You find yourself in a winner take all cage match with the Yeti. Assuming neither of you possess any martial arts skills and the arena is only equipped with a wire hanger, a used tissue, and a whoopee cushion, how will this fight turn out?

Well, first of all consider the whoopee cushion completely trashed (don't ask. It isn't pretty). Needless to say, it is now completely unusable. The wire hanger is busy hanging up a new Yeti coat in my closet, and the cleaner portion of the used tissue is to wipe the seat off my brow.

12. What are the current contents of your pockets? If you are not wearing pants, please explain why. Oh, God, Please be wearing pants, please be wearing pants…

A cell phone, some keys, my wallet, sunglasses (‘cause I am cool like that), and a 0.7mm Pentel Mechanical Pencil (‘cause I am not cool like that)

13. The answer is 3. What is the question?

What is the maximal digit in a quatrinary counting system where a 0 exists. I covered the fact that I have a mechanical pencil in my pocket, right?

14. In your opinion, what is the best board game of all time and how has it shaped you as an individual?

Good question. I will have to say Battleship, and not that crappy can’t cheat at this game electronic Battleship either. I did mention the whole "Not above cheating" thing, right? It taught me that if I randomly shoot enough rubber bands over my cube wall, I will eventually win…

15. A monkey runs screaming down the hallway of your place of employment. Is this odd?

Which monkey? I mean, the whole premise rests on which one of the monkeys is screaming and running willy-nilly. They have such different reactions to such different stimuli. Plus, merely a “typical” scream , or is it an “alert” scream? One invokes the phrase “That silly monkey,” with a slight shake of the head. While the other causes me to burrow under the carpet in my cubicle.

16. Do you prefer cold, sunny weather or warm, rainy weather? (in other words, what wins - temperature or lack of precipitation?)

This is a potato/potato (add the voice inflection yourself) situation. As long as it is not “bitter cold and sunny or stupid blazing hot and rainy” I am fine. Typically I gravitate towards the cooler weather though…

17. Since your Yeti Conversation post, have you heard from the Yeti?

Not wrinkly hide nor stinky hair. I think the Yeti has tired of his pursuit.

18. How does a one-hour conference call leave me two hours behind on my work?

Typically conference calls hurt one's head? If this is so, maybe you needed and extra hour post conference call to decompress from the inanity of the call itself. Or maybe the call resulted in more work for you to get done. It is hard to say when I was not privy to the call.

19. How many slides are too many for a powerpoint presentation?


20. Are you pondering what I am pondering?

I think so, Brain, but where are we going to get 2 penguins, a rubber chicken, and 4 boxes of duck tape at this time of night.

To Recap:
See you guys next week
I am traveling to Cincinnati
I hate work travel
Thanks to all those who submitted questions