Today is a Papa at home with his boy day. I forgot completely about this day until yesterday afternoon when Wifey asked me what I was going to do with Little Man today. Clearly, I had no idea. The caregivers, Grandma D and Grandpa R had some kind of medical thingy going on today in Cleveland. It is simply a check-up with a specialist, before all of you find me to be some sort of callous and uncaring bastard. They were, however, kind enough to give us a month's notice about this appointment. Fat lot of good it did me, I completely forgot about it. Anyway... when Wifey mentioned it yesterday afternoon and I realized what the date was, it all came back to me crystal clear. I had forgotten to write this down. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Unfortunately, the weather is not really allowing for terribly much outdoor fun and frivolity, so I am glad I did not have grandiose plans for today anyway. So far we have been having a really good day, although he wanted to go through the entire bedtime ritual prior to his nap. I assured him that we would do the entire bedtime ritual later when it was actually his bedtime and not simply naptime. Many tears were shed due to lack of bath. He is napping currently, and I wish I was as well.

Wait a second; nothing is keeping me from napping right now except for this post. Catch you suckers later…

To recap:

Not at work today
Little Man wanted a bath prior to his nap
He is sleeping right now
I am on my way to napping as well