"'Rents" ain't a Broadway show...

More of an information post/whine today than usual.

Thank you for all of you in the blogosphere who felt sorry for my nap being curtailed yesterday. I am sure someone is out there, and you just chose not to comment. I survived the day yesterday sans the nap-o-rino (or is it “naptitudity?”). For those of you who sent me derisive comments, and you know who you are, “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.”

So, Monday night Wifey and I get a message on our voicemail (yes, we have the same phone number) from my parents letting us know that they were going to be in town for dinner Wednesday night (tonight for those of you keeping score). Yippeeee! Dinner with the ‘rents. I am sure it is a joy for them as well.

For those of you who are new to the blog and have not taken the time to go read all of my parental bashing posts, I summarize my parents thusly, “My parents are good people, but they are not nice people.” Let me ‘splain. An example, if you will. My parents did not bat an eye when they found out I was going to marry a bi-racial woman. They didn’t question anything even remotely. These people live smack-dab center of the northern 2/3rds of Alabama, and they really didn't even bat an eye. That is really a “good” thing. They chastise us for spending so much money on Hallmark greeting cards, and say that we are "wasting money" because of these greeting card purchases. This is not “nice” (and incredibly cheap, but that is a different story for another time).

Anyway… So the Good-but-not-Nice parents are coming over for dinner. They are coming through town so they can visit my remaining grandparent, my mom’s mom, in Kent, Ohio. Anyway… it will only be for dinner, so at least we got that going for us. I am sure they will chat good but not nice.

On the other news front, one of Little Man's caregivers, Grandma D, is in the hospital again. I am not terribly sure as to what exactly is going on, but it, surprisingly, has nothing to do with her trip to The Cleveland Clinic yesterday for whatever Dr appointment she had. This hospital stay is due to a completely un-related health matter entirely. So today, Wifey, is at home with Little Man. We will figure out tomorrow’s childcare schedule when we get finished with today.

To recap:
Grandma D is not feeling too well right now
My parents are coming
I feel like I should do a Paul Revere-esque ride though town shouting this from the top of my lungs
The bottom of my lungs are just too powerful, and I would break windows and burst eardrums if I used them
Powerful bottom of my lungs I have
Powerful and terrible
Honestly, they scare me
“Good-but-not-nice” is an adjective
“Good but not nice” is an adverb
I am capable of learning
Now, you should all fear the bottom of my lungs….