The 'rents come in, the 'rents come out...

The meal with the ‘rents went well. While I pretty much understand my parents’ thoughts and motivations, they really have a difficult time figuring out where I am coming from and why. I have always been the one in my family to do things my own way. The language the family always uses is “He always did march to the beat of a different drummer.” And, honestly, I did.

In a way I feel sorry for my parents. I think at some point they really wanted to understand my thoughts and motivations, but around the time I went off to college they just gave up on trying to understand me. Not that I blame them. My thoughts and emotions stray very far from the parental units’. In this case the acorn did fall a significant distance away from the tree.

When they come back through town on Tuesday of next week, we will share a dinner again. This time instead of California Pizza Kitchen, we will dine at the venerable Burger King. Yes, Little Man does choose fine dining experiences. At least I have the weekend to prepare for that one. This springing stuff on us is hard to take.

On another note, Little Man did great with my parents even though he was playing injured, as it were. He has an ear infection in his right ear. This has made the naptime and bedtime rituals more difficult to complete. I don’t care what anyone says, there ain’t enough ground up rhinoceros horn in the world that will get a 2.75 year old to sleep when they have an ear infection. It takes good old fashioned neglect.

To Recap:
2 of the four renderings of those bridges in Cleveland are done
I am quite different from my folks
By different I mean that I am diametrically opposed to them
Me = Different Drummer
California Pizza Kitchen is tasty in a sort of non-threatening family way
Little Man will be on the antibiotics today
We are going to crush the biotics that are messing up his system!
They will not know what hit them
Primarily because they are not really sentient
At least I hope they are not
I would use the bottom of my lungs if it wouldn’t hurt Little Man
I said, “We are going to crush…” and by “we” I mean “the medicine”