Chicago: the Overview

Chicago: Oh, there are many things to chat about concerning my family’s recent trip to Chicago. In fact, there are 3 main areas I will be focusing on this week about the trip to Chicago. Today I will give a nice overview of the trip and the rest of the week I will be fleshing out more anecdotes as the week continues.

So, remember my fear of getting Little Man and Wifey sick Well, consider Sunday afternoon the beginnings of the illnesses. We traveled on Monday. An interesting trip in the car. We stopped just outside of Indianapolis for a breathing treatment and went through the industrial blight that is south of Chicago on the I-90 toll “Skyway.” I am sorry, if I am paying to be on a roadway, I really think the scenery should not be solely comprised of industrial decay and blight. Maybe that is just me. Anyway… One excruciating trip later, and we made it to the hotel. His breathing issues abated by Wednesday, but Monday and Tuesday were really touch-and-go. More on this tomorrow.

The hotel, now that is a topic for another day. In fact, that is the topic for Wednesday. The give a quick overview of the hotel, it is a 2-star hotel that charged like it was a 4-star. I was horribly under-whelmed by this hotel’s ethic and customer service. For being on Michigan Avenue and being next to some nicer hotels, this one just plain sucked.

There are tons of activities to do in Chicago. There are tons of Children’s activities to do in Chicago. Chicago is a great city, with great stuff to do. I spent most of my time on a pedestrian bridge over looking the Metra lines or under the “El.” A good 2 hours of everyday was spent watching mass transit. I am tired of mass transit. More on this on Thursday, it is still too painful to talk about.

Here is one small anecdote from eating at Gina’s Cuisine, a fine little restaurant on Wabash Street near Congress Parkway that has a great grilled chicken sandwich. Side note: The woman working the register (I assume it was Gina) was absolutely floored when I asked her what she would recommend. I was sitting at a table with Little Man where he was able to watch the El from the table. I was wolfing down this wonderful sandwich while Little Man was taking down French fries like a champ, when this guy sits down next to us. Out of the blue he exclaims, “Good Lord! He looks just like you!”

“Yeah, I have to claim him, even if I don’t want to.”
“I mean, Jesus, He looks just like you.”

“It’s because I cursed him with my hairline.”

“Yeah, I guess so…” The guy then started talking to me about his kid. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Couldn't he see I was drinking a root beer and eating a chicken sandwich? By this point in the trip, I had not started craving adult conversation (It was Tuesday morning). If he had caught me on Friday I would have clamped onto him like a bear trap.

To Recap:
The trip to Chicago was not restful at all
I was the primary care giver for Little Man the entire week
I am craving adult conversation
Craving it
It is good to be home
And online
Had some really good deep dish pizza
I walked around the city a whole bunch
My hips hurt now from all the carrying of Little Man on my shoulders.
Pics to come tomorrow