On Monday the family will be getting our stuff together and heading to Chicago. This means that this post will be my last post until June 5th. I know that you are all shedding tears and gnashing teeth at the thought of my not posting for a week, but I assure you, you will survive. A better question is “How will SRH survive without his beloved Internet connection for 5 days?” Honestly, I do not know. It would be one thing if I had a laptop with Wi-Fi, because I am sure Chicago has hot-spots. If a laptop were available I could check on all sorts of things. The Internet has become my primary news source, my primary entertainment source, and my favorite past-time. I am a bit disturbed at my reliance on the Internet. Maybe this will not be such a bad thing after all.

What will I do in the evenings while Little Man is asleep in the room without the calm blue glow of my computer monitor? I think I will need to get a good book. Maybe I will bring a sketchbook and get some drawing under my belt. I have not done any hand work for a while. Sketching sounds like a winner. I will definitely find a good book and a sketch book as well. Well, my evenings are planned. At least I have that going for me. Good book and some mediocre sketching will have to replace the wondrous glow of the Internet.

I also have done absolutely no research on Chicago. I know pretty much how to get there, but I know nothing about what restaurants Little Man can eat at, what kid friendly activities there are for him to do, and other such general information as that. I feel woefully under-prepared for this trip. In truth, the trip has kind of snuck up on Wifey and I. I know that I need to take him to Millennium Park, and with how interested he is in water a trip to the Lake is in order as well. I know that we should attempt to get Little Man to go inside the Aquarium (he is abjectly against going into dark spaces currently) and the Zoo is always a possibility, but I have no idea where these places are in relation to where we are staying. If I was able, I would look all this stuff up tomorrow, but I am afraid I will be too busy work-wise for that kind of in depth investigation.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that we will be able to find stuff to do. I know very well that Chicago is a vibrant city with tons of stuff to look at and do. My issue is that I have not even remotely looked into what to do with the little one. The good thing is that even if I just find a nice playground we will be golden. At least the weather looks like it will be pretty good for us. They are only predicting isolated thunder storms currently for Tuesday and Wednesday. I can handle isolated t-storms, it is complete days of rain that I am not looking forward to.

To Recap:
Going to be out-of-town and away from Internet for a week
I am sure I will have a myriad of stories to tell
Sheesh, yesterday’s post was quite the whiney one
So Little Man dropped his hamburger on his plate yesterday and calmly said, “Oh, shit.”
At least it was said calmly
I would be mortified if he had anger management issues as well as a potty mouth
Hopefully the concierge of our hotel is useful
Lately the hotel concierges that I have dealt with have been absolutely useless
I have to figure out where the heck I put my drawing stuff
See you suckers on June 5th