Garbage Garbage everywhere

I need to fix the garbage disposal. And by fix the garbage disposal I do mean replace the non-working thing. The other day the thing just up and died. One second the InSinkErator was InSinkErating and the next it was just dimming the lights and making a humming noise. Well, poop. When the heck am I going to make the time to go and, first purchase a new InSinkErator and second, install said garbage disposal. I am a busy man with things to do and people to see. I will translate that last sentence: “Tuesday night.”

On a totally different topic, today Wifey and I met with the pre-school that Little Man will be attending this fall. It was avery nice place that was very clean. Both Wifey and I were impressed with the candor of the woman we spoke with and her knowledge of the comings and goings of that pre-school. Just a really goof feeling overall for the entire space and the people who would be running it. Little Man will most likely love the whole experience of being at the pre-school.

I imagine that after his second trepidacious day there, he will start wanting his dorky parents to drop him off further and further away, so he can bask in the coolness of not being associated with us. When he starts asking for that I am getting a 1988 station wagon with faux wood paneling on the side. I will break him. Oh, yes, I will break him… ummm… forgot myself for a second. Ah, what I am getting at here is that I want to embarrass my kid as much as possible, even if it makes me buy a crappy station wagon. Umm what I mean is, that my kid is growing up.

What really hit me like a ton of bricks was just how much older Little Man is. This little guy is almost 3, and I have no idea how three years have passed in this short of a time frame. How my perception has packed 3 whole years into, at most, a 2 year time frame is absolutely amazing. It seems that it was just a few weeks ago that I was changing his diaper in the hospital. Now I am getting hugs and kisses from a little boy who can say, “I love you, Papa.” Sometimes he hugs me just to wipe the ketchup off his mouth. It is very sweet and yet quite annoying.

Anyway… my little boy will be going to pre-school soon, and while it is a good thing, I am not sure I am quite happy about it.

To Recap:
Australians were robbed in the 93rd
Tuesday night I will be replacing a garbage disposal
I hate replacing garbage disposals
Even though I have never done it before
Little Man is growing up
Much to my chagrin
And eventually his