Minty Fresh

I did not eat enough lunch and I am still quite hungry. Unfortunately, it is the kind of hunger that free mints will not satiate. Although I have been giving it my best to quell the hunger with breath mints. So, as a consequence, I am still quite hungry, but my breath is full of pepperminty goodness. So, I at least got that going for me.

The odd thing is that I ate breakfast and a pretty good lunch. It should have been satisfying but, alas and alack, not satisfying at all. In fact, quite unsatisfying. If you haven’t noticed, I am a bit on the hungry side. To help things along, I just got my monthly email from the “Friends of Krsipey Kreme” program. Bastards. Don’t they know I am hungry? Actually, they probably are counting on it. Anyway… today’s installment of the Krispy Kreme newsletter is all about different shapes of doughnuts. Different shapes of the delectable doughnuts. Different shapes of their glistening, warmly glazed delectable doughnuts. Different shapes of their stunningly easy to eat glistening glazed lovingly deep fried doughnuts… mmmm… umm, where was I? oh yes, “hungry.” Jerks. I reiterate. Don’t they know that I am hungry?

The other problem with attempting to subsist off of mints is the fact that even if I do find some food to tide me over till dinner, I will need to wait until the indelible taste of peppermint leaves (“leaves” the verb not “leaves” the tree foliage.) my mouth. That being the case, I think I just found some crackers in one of my drawers, and now I have to wait until the burning coolness of 21 Eclipse mints consumed over a 2 hour period subsides before I can dig into the stale Ritz-y goodness of unknown age that I just found in my desk drawer. I have at least 10 more minutes before I can crack open the Ritz without them becoming some kind of gooey pepperminty paste. Yep, that doesn’t sound that appealing to me either.

Man, my life is hard

To Recap:
I am wholeheartedly uninspired today
I need to take containers home from work
They are disgusting and need to be washed badly
I still need more new music
Too bad most of the new stuff sucks
Damn you, Krispy Kreme! Damn you to Hell!
Almost out of Eclipse mints
My sinuses are clear and my breath is ultra-minty
Mint plants think my breath is minty
I can’t feel my tongue in some places
And the roof of my mouth is still coolly on fire
Too bad mints are not filling
Spain is up 1 - 0 versus France in the 40th